World Technology Corp Stands Among Tech Giants at CES

This year’s CES technology event in Las Vegas was a huge hit for direct selling powerhouse World Technology Corp. Standing beside tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon, World Technology Corp introduced a number of revolutionary, new wearable and personal device products.  This created tremendous validation for their market-changing vision and concept, all on technology’s biggest stage.

Huge Playing Field

Literally hundreds of thousands of technology players, innovators and enthusiasts descend on Las Vegas for CES every year. It is where the biggest tech companies make their most important announcements amid a multi-million dollar blitz of marketing hype. It’s extremely difficult to stand out in such an environment but World Technology Corp not only stood out, they shined.    

Exciting New Products

World started with the announcement of three groundbreaking new products. The Helo LX+, Helo Extense, and Helo LX Pro.

World Technology Corp’s New Helo LX+

The Helo LX+ is a major upgrade to their hit Helo LX. World Technology’s research development team discovered a new set of clinical-grade sensors that vastly improve accuracy giving users a more in-depth analysis.

The next product announcement, Helo Extense is the first real, non-invasive sugar trend measurement device. It fits on your finger and uses a combination of measurements from your wrist and your finger to offer an incredibly accurate measurement of sugar trend levels without having to prick your finger.

And World saved the best for last with the announcement of Helo LX Pro “the first World Technology Corp device created to obtain the medical device license.” Helo LX Pro combines the technology of the LX, LX+ and the Extense all in one device.     

Impact Felt

These exciting product announcements led tens of thousands of people to World Technology Corp’s booth. Amidst the buzz, a huge monitor displayed the vast amounts of data Helo devices collect around the world every day. Demonstrations of future releases like the transdermal alcohol sensor that tracks a users alcohol consumption added to the excitement.

It was a big year at a big, big event and World Technology Corp showed they are ready to take their place among the giants.

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