Working From Home Isn’t as Stress-Free as Previously Thought

We always say it – a successful home based business can be a game changer of a lifetime but it is NOT easy or a get rich quick scheme. It is work and you have to be organized, professional and put your time in to reap the rewards of money, time and freedom. We were glad to see this article in Huffington Post.

It says “41 percent of “highly mobile” employees who work out of the office said they felt some degree of stress, compared to 25 percent of office workers.”. They site a report that says it can be more stressful to work at home because the environment brought risks of “longer working hours, higher work intensity and work-home interference.”.

It’s good reminder that this is a business and a lifestyle. Read our success stories and you will see thousands and thousands of people have huge success doing home based business but they don’t do it by sitting around and waiting for things to happen. They get out and get it done. It’s not easy but once you really put in the work, it can be the best lifestyle of them all!  It can bring you a huge return on the investment of time you put in.  The choice is yours!