Women Networkers: How to Be Taken Seriously and Make an Impact

We see it time and time again. Home-based businesses empowering women beyond their wildest dreams. 76% of people in network marketing are women. And the stories of success and growth are endless.

Still women can struggle even in network marketing.  One super fabulous, super successful homebase networker told us:

“A lot of the leaders of companies are men.  There are women that really have it within them, the desire to have a career and to be great. But women learn differently, they trained differently, They sell differently they network differently.” EstherSpina, estherspina.com

Fortune magazine has checked in with the CEO of Rodan + Fields, the anti-aging skincare home-based giant. She has some great advice for women in networking who are fighting a constant battle to be taken seriously and succeed in a business world dominated by men.

“There are different levels within a team: the starting squad, the relievers, and players with various strengths and skill sets. If you’re a woman in a room full of men, assessing the field through that lens will give you perspective and greater confidence.” Diane Dietz, CEO and president, Rodan + Fields

She gives three great tips for women that you don’t want to miss. Check out the article here.