Women Business Owners are HAPPIER!!

There’s great news for women who are thinking about going into business themselves. The glass ceiling is breaking slowly but opportunities are getting more and more abundant for women looking to be in business for themselves. Upworthy has a piece from the Rockefeller Center that shows a lot of reasons to be optimistic about success for women entrepreneurs.

“Women entrepreneurs in the U.S. rank their own happiness at nearly three times that of women who are not entrepreneurs or business owners.”

Of course, owning a business, putting your kid through college, retiring your husband, changing the way you live and how your community sees you are going to make you happier!  The role of women in the corporate world is changing sure, women are being taken for granted less and are not held up like they have been in the past. But this has been true in home-based business for decades! So, we are glad the rest of the world is catching on. Home-based business have and still do offer the opportunity and more importantly the support to growth with a woman so she achieves success, independence and satisfaction.

Read the whole piece here.

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