Top Five Home Based Businesses for DUDES!

Working for yourself is something so many people dreams of. One study found that 67% of millennials and 45% of people over the age of 35 want to work on their own. But starting and running your own business is hard and it takes a lot of money and time to get going. That’s where a home based business saves the day.

Direct selling provides a well laid out plan that is proven to work and saves you the steps of starting a business from scratch.

But, a lot of the direct sell companies that you hear about are focused on beauty and home products. While anyone can sell them, the majority are women. In fact, 76% of people in network marketing are women.

So where does that leave the dudes?!

There are many other types of network marketing opportunities outside of the above-mentioned industries.  Here are 5 that you should look into if you are ready to turn your dreams into reality!


5. AdvoCare
If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle then AdvoCare is a great business for you. The company has grown into an international brand that sells supplements for weight management, sports nutrition, and energy. When you work as a distributor you have 5 different ways that you can earn, including 40% profits on the products that you sell. Simply make money selling products that you love. Check out their website to get started as a distributor.


4. Legal Shield
The fear of paying for a lawyer is real for many people that do not have the money for expensive lawyer fees. But, Legal Shield provides individuals with an affordable option for legal consultation. For under $20 a family of 4 can have access to legal counsel when needed. It’s an easy sell for people that want peace of mind. No need for a law degree, you are simply selling the service, not providing legal advice.


3. Primerica
Financial services are a concern to families across the country. Primerica representatives work to connect middle-income families with the financial services that they need. Working as a representative you will complete a financial analysis for individuals to help with debt reduction and finding the right products for things like insurance. The company has been voted as one of the best places to work by Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


2. Direct Cellars
If you enjoy a good glass of wine you will like it, even more, when it’s making you money. Direct Cellars provides you an opportunity to earn revenue by joining their company as a wine distributor. You start by becoming a member and work to grow a team of buyers below you. Check out their website to start enjoying good wine and extra income.


1. ACN
What better way to grow a business than selling people services that they need and use already. ACN provides people an easy way to sign up for services they use on a daily basis like high-speed internet, electric, energy, television, and home security. They offer services to both residential clients and business clients which provides you with a larger market to sell to.