Top 5 Home Based Opportunities for Women

It’s easy to get  overwhelmed looking for that perfect small business idea. It has to be a business you understand, something you are passionate about and of course, it has to be a business you can afford to get started.

Finding great business ideas for women AT HOME is even trickier. If you are ready to take that entrepreneurial plunge, networking marketing is a great answer.

Why?  Because network marketing eliminates a lot of the headaches a typical small business owner encounters. First of all, home based businesses can be started for a much lower price that typical small business. The good ones have great products that are already developed and you can be passionate about.

And one of the biggest benefits? Home based business have support and systems so you can be in business for yourself WITHOUT all the headache of reinventing the wheel.

Let’s take a look at 5 extraordinary home based business ideas for women:

1. Monat

Monat burst on the scene in only 2014, but since then they’ve accomplished a lot – creating naturally based hair products that people love, and providing an incredible business opportunity. They treat their Independent Market Partners like family, and make a point of  giving back to the community. For more information head to their website.

2. SeneGence

SeneGence makes products that inspire incredible passion with women who try them. And passion like that is magic in network marketing. Senegence is a stable company that has been growing for 20 years, has expanded all over the world.  It’s family-like culture is an unforgettable bonding experience for women – they call it the “SeneSisterhood.” Finally, the strong leadership at the top recognizes the importance of a good start and they try to make it easy for women to earn commissions in their first month.

3. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a giant in the Network Marketing industry. It allows women to start a small business backed by the power one of the world’s top beauty brands. Started in 1963, it is the gold standard – or maybe the pink standard – of work from home cosmetics businesses. Mary Kay’s model has been proven to work again and again. It puts a great emphasis on helping and training its Beauty Consultants and it is one of the best part time business ideas for women.

4. It Works

INSTANT results are always easy to sell.. That “crazy wrap thing” is no exception. Because the product works and works fast it means people will see your results and want them for themselves. The company knows that word of your results will spread like wildfire through social media. This can mean a great business for you. Find out more about it here.

5. Innov8tive

Innov8tive is a company on the rise with incredible leadership. They have a complete line of weight loss products. These are proven, result driven products that get you in the game fast. But they also have great, down-to-earth leadership ready to help you meet your needs off the scale in your business. It’s a great weight loss product and business opportunity. Highly recommended. See what they are about here.