Top 5 Great Skin Care Home Based Business Opportunities

As you know, skin care is extremely important part of life. And the skin care industry is enormous and growing by the billions year after year. What does this mean for you? Cha ching!  People naturally share skin care products they love … and sharing something you love is the key to a great home based business!

5.  Oriflame

Oriflame is a HUGE European home based business with a massively successful line of skin care and cosmetics operating in 60 countries. People may not know them in the U.S. but with sales last year over 1.2 BILLION Euros, they will know them soon! It’s a great business that brings a lot of people success.

4. Rodan + Fields

You may recognize these two names. They are the brains behind Proactiv, the skin care informercial that wouldn’t die. (Still, it was really good stuff.) Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are both dermatologists that broke off from Proactiv and started their own company. They are now the ROCKSTARS of skincare. Actually, THE top skin care brand in America now.  Prestige like that makes for a great business.

3. Jeunesse

These guys SHOCKED the world with their anti-wrinkle cream that is like…MAGIC. Now they are getting into nutrition too, so the sky’s the limit for these guys. Started in 2009 by direct selling  visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, their mission is to help people not only survive, but thrive.  They have a great plan for getting paid.  Great opportunity!

2. Seacret

Our number two is a company that started in a unique way. This family run business from Israel started life by selling person to person in mall kiosks. Then they made the jump to Direct Sales and created a huge following of people who swear by their Dead Sea minerals. And when people LOVE your products? Your game is strong.

And NUMBER 1 …

1. Nerium 

Nerium came out of NOWHERE a few years ago and hit a hundred million in sales in their first year alone. Four years later, it was over a billion. They have tons of super unique ingredients and products based on science you can’t buy anywhere else.  The thing with Nerium is that their products show stunning results. Their “before and afters” are totally amazing. And they are exploding internationally. These guys are going to be big for a LONG time.