Top 5 Businesses for People with No Experience


You can have huge success even if you are brand new to Network Marketing. Simply put, Network Marketing works for any level of experience.  You promote a product or service you love and people purchase it from you for a commission.  It’s that easy.  Many companies make are anxious to help and support those with no experience.  Here’s some of our editor’s favorites:  


Hodo is all about disruption. They understand that’s where truly lucrative businesses are born. We live in a time of disruption and people really respond to disruptive products that work like Netflix and Uber.  Hodo’s Ryze Ai may be the next big one on the list. It’s a technology that combines cloud based supercomputing with the world’s newest, most intelligent algorithm developed by a group of mathematics and statistics geniuses. It works in the stock market. Ryze Ai’s tracks and executes trades for you and is coded to help maximize profits. It’s brings something that was once complicated and only for elites to everyone. For that reason, they have a created a detailed plan that allows any experience level to succeed. For more detailed information, visit their compensation plan here.  


     2. It Works!

Weight loss products are a huge market and you become a walking advertisement if you find one that helps you lose weight.  And becoming a “Wrapreneur” for It Works is a great example.  This product works and works fast and that means people see your results and want them for themselves.  Obviously, they have super confidence in their product by naming the company It Works!  They know that word of your results will spread like wildfire as will your business and ability to promote it through social media. So they have set up a extremely simple success plan for anyone to follow.  This can mean a great business for you.  Find out more about it here.


     3. LegalShield

Legal Shield is a legal based firm that provides legal consultation to everyone regardless of their earnings. Their competitive advantage is a lower cost and more coverage. For example, their family plan is only $19.95 and it includes you, your spouse and 2 of your children below twenty-six years old.  So many people need this service in this day and age of out-of-control litigation and lawsuits.  So, it fills a huge need and doesn’t cost a fortune. This makes it easy to sell!  They offer a great attorney network, consultation, effective communication, document review, real estate planning and IRS help. All you have to do to be their associate is to promote their service to other people you know. There’s much more about it here.


     4. LifePharm Global Network

LifePharmGlobal has an amazing lineup of health products including its anchor product Laminine, a tremendously advanced scientific product which demonstrates a wide range of benefits for different people, and in varying parts of the body.  This is a product you can really get excited about as a first time distributor. Their network marketing plan ‘By You, For You’ is specifically aimed for people with no experience. It is a rather lucrative deal and explains very clearly how you will get your revenue through weekly earning opportunities, monthly earning opportunities as well as extra cash and rewards.  Find out more here.


     5. TeamCCM

CCM is an acronym for Consumer Choice Marketing. It provides not just residential but also commercial energy. As individuals and businesses use energy daily, making the potential market virtually everyone and the potential earnings from their compensation plan is endless. CCM is really on the rise because of their lucrative compensation plan.  Materials are provided so you do not need to have experience. All you have to do is to show people how they would be able to save money if they use teamccm!  Great for anyone!  More information about CCM here.