Successful Organo Distributors Stick to the Fundamentals

Background check

Before coming to ORGANO™, Edwin had 10 years of Network Marketing experience and previously worked in the music industry while Andrea was a supervisor with the United States Postal Services (USPS).

Their goals were to have financial independence, spend more quality time with their family, travel the world, and provide an education for their daughters, no matter which school they wanted to attend.

“We wanted to be in a position to provide any financial support, if needed, for our parents” recalls Edwin.

To make this dream a reality, Edwin and Andrea set out to achieve their first business goal: Have 5 Diamonds in their organization.


Reality Check

For Edwin, even though he had previous Network Marketing and corporate management experience, it wasn’t easy getting started. He learned that he needed to discipline himself and develop new skills if he wanted to succeed and meet his goals. His focus quickly shifted to developing leaders and showing how the TEAM was winning. Even to this day, during the interview for this blog, Edwin referred to his organization as OUR organization.

“I came in with some management experience but I really had no idea how to make people work for me. When you’re able to inspire people to want to work for you, that’s when you’re able to  build a solid business.”

Learning the Fundamentals

Edwin’s self assessment helped him recognize what skills he needed to develop and he immediately went to work on them. He started studying every day and getting inspiration from industry leaders like John C Maxwell and Jim Rhon as well as his more “tangible” role models, like his personal sponsor Holton Buggs and his parents. To this day, Edwin recognizes the importance of self education and points out that he has now mastered the basics and recommends that every Distributor do the same.

“They call me Mr. Fundamental, not Mr. Creative. I don’t create a new system. I like to keep it basic.”

The Next Chapter

After speaking with Edwin and Andrea, it became clear how much ORGANO™ means to them. They’re very proud to have built a great organization that exemplifies the principles of Loyalty, Unity, and Edification.

Over the next few years their goals are to continually grow their organization, add 4 new Diamonds, and earn their Crown Ambassador pins.

To achieve these goals, they will lean upon his upcoming 90 Day Game Plan.

“We’re very busy over the next 90 days gearing up for EXPO” says Edwin.  “I’ll be travelling all over the US with the Pave your Way events, helping the team put plans together, and I’ll be setting up new events for the month of June.”

When asked what is his favorite part of EXPO is, Edwin didn’t hesitate.

“The speakers for sure! They light up this fire inside you that inspires you to do great things.”

Outside of Holton and Shane who are both amazing speakers, Edwin and Andrea’s favorite ORGANO™ orator is Casey Nielsen.

Edwin and Andrea firmly believe that ORGANO™ has made a huge impact on their lives. They sacrificed quality time early on but they are enjoying the fruits of their labor today.

“Seeing our kids graduate from college is one of our most recent wins. They got so inspired by what we’ve built that they are now going into business as well. As parents, we couldn’t be more proud!”


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