Why Smartphones Rule in Network Marketing Recruiting

When it comes to Network Marketing, duplication reigns supreme. It doesn’t matter if a strategy works for one individual unless that strategy can be easily duplicated by dozens, hundreds, even thousands of others in the same organization. It’s crucial to come up with an easily followed formula that can be duplicated again and again to succeed.

This concept is not restricted to Network Marketing, by the way. It’s what makes automation so important in any number of fields. It’s why we follow recipes when we cook. It’s why the assembly line was a game changer during the industrial revolution.

Just as industry leaders like Henry Ford used tools to aid in their duplication process, the same is true for today’s network marketers. Growing a large network only happens if you share an easily implementable system that individuals can duplicate. You can’t teach every single person one-on-one. That’s where those essential tools come in.

We Are Undergoing a Massive Shift

The fundamental importance of tools to network marketers hasn’t changed. What has changed recently is the particular tools we’re using. Instead of VHS tapes and DVDs, brochures and booklets, there’s been a massive shift toward the smartphone as the top vehicle for enabling duplication.

The mobile phone is the device consumers turn to first to search, compare, review, decide and engage.

Marketing guru Alan Tam from swrve.com puts it like this: “The mobile phone is the device consumers turn to first to search, compare, review, decide, and engage. If customers prefer to interact immediately from the smartphone, such as via an app or text, the mobile channel has served its purpose by satisfying a customer.”

A Tool More Powerful Than We Have Seen

Just as they’ve changed practically every other aspect of our lives, smartphones have greatly altered the way network marketers do their jobs. Why send someone a DVD if you can show them a YouTube video on their phone? Why send a pamphlet when a blog post or infographic or slide deck — produced at a fraction of the cost and delivered in seconds — can communicate all the same vital information?

Why send someone a DVD if you can just as easily have them watch a YouTube video on their phone?

Smartphones are invaluable for keeping track of everything that’s going on with various promoters in one’s network, as well as prospects at different stages of the recruitment process. That’s why many of the top Network Marketing companies are releasing sophisticated proprietary tools — robust native apps, for example — to help their promoters recruit like never before.

Reach More People, Change More Lives

Take LIMU, for instance. The health beverage powerhouse launched a comprehensive new mobile app called LIMU Share that allows its Promoters to get the most out of their time and efforts. Here is just a sample of the actions LIMU Promoters can take with LIMU Share:

  • share interest-generating videos
  • easily follow up using verification alerts
  • see analytics on who’s viewed the videos they’ve sent and how much those viewers watched
  • group prospects into lists based on level of interest so promoters can target their efforts in a more productive way
  • track prospects as they progress through the recruitment and onboarding process

So far, LIMU Share has been adopted by a significant number of LIMU champions, who report great recruiting benefits right from the start. As one LIMU Promoter said, “Using this smartphone app is the fastest way to introduce LIMU to as many contacts as you have on your phone. I’m on the phone literally every day with people who have watched just two videos from me and are ready to talk about joining LIMU. People can start prospecting with this app the same day they join, without the fear of rejection. It’s been a powerful new tool for us.”