Single Mom Finds Her Ticket to Ride with Home Based Business

Single mom Theresa Holland Heinkel wasn’t looking to get into a home based business and her understanding of network marketing was a little off. “I thought network marketing was all about candles and home interiors and things like booking parties,” she remembers.  Unexpectedly though, an amazing product experience turned her life into an inspirational network marketing success story.

Just a few years before, Theresa was a single mom tired of living paycheck to paycheck. As a professional educator in an Early Childhood classroom, she loved her job. But it couldn’t lift her financial burden. As she says, “I was working all the time and wanted more out of life. I was tired of being tired.”

Her morning routine was a comical ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario of snooze-button-pressing right up to the last minute. “I was drinking coffee to try and boost my energy only to feel tired at the end of the day. And then I would need additional energy for my family when I got home.”

A First Experience

Then one day while on a softball field, something caught Theresa’s eye.  A girlfriend Theresa knew was wearing a DFT Wearable Nutrition from Le-Vel. “I noticed how amazing she looked. I’ve known her all my life but this time she looked different and extremely happy. She looked awesome! I approached her and asked her what got her all pumped up.”

“People noticed the difference in me and started asking questions.”

Single mom Theresa Holland Heinkel tried Thrive by Le-Vel and it changed her life!

After learning about Le-Vel and their Thrive product line, Theresa decided to give it a shot. She didn’t feel any different after the first 2 days of trying Thrive. But she says, “It was about Day 3 or 4 that my kids noticed I had stopped rushing them out the door to school in the morning. We were actually laughing and singing in the car.”

By day five, she had quit drinking coffee and had energy to walk the dog after work and actually enjoy it. She started to make dinner instead of buying take away meals at the last minute.

The snooze button battles were totally over within ten days. She realized she now had energy and time to work out. “I felt 10 years younger! It’s now been 36 months of feeling amazing,” Theresa says.

And the best part?  “I only had to pay for the product once.”

I Have to Share This

The success Theresa experienced after trying Thrive ignited a passion to tell others about it. “I felt like I had to get it into everybody’s hands.” Money or getting into a home-based business were not priorities at all.  All she was thinking was “Oh my gosh, everybody needs this.” she says.

Theresa learned that sharing Thrive was free.  “I realized I didn’t have to buy into the company to promote Le-Vel’s products unlike many home-based business opportunities.”

“I had zero experience but the passion I had for the products was insane.”

Almost immediately, her business took off. “I mean, I was sharing it with everybody. It’s all I did. People could already notice the difference in me and wanted the same”.

Theresa with her Mercedes E-350 thanks to Le-vel!

Success at sharing her amazing results with many people made it easy for Theresa to take advantage of the perks that Le-Vel offers its promoters. She earned an iPad mini after her first month and four months later, she drove off with a Mercedes E-350 after earning the VIP Auto Bonus.

“I never had a fancy car let alone a Mercedes! It had always been out of my reach. I was mostly in shock,” she laughs.

Theresa at a Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway in New Orleans.

But even better, Le-Vel also awards “Lifestyle Getaway” trips three times a year to distributors who qualify. Theresa has qualified for eight of them and is about to head out on her ninth. She has been all over from Cancun to San Francisco, from New Orleans to Vegas. “Next up is Puerto Vallarta in Oct. 2017. I’m excited to get my toes in the sand and to have my team members join me!” she says.

“I had zero experience but the passion I had for the products was insane. That’s all it took to get me here,” she adds.

Le-Vel Playing Field

Now engaged, Theresa is more passionate about life than ever. “I’m in control of my life, I make my own decisions. It’s an absolute blessing. I can’t express how good it feels to be home before and after school every day. My daughters are now teenagers, so my time with them is cherished even more,” Theresa says.

Success with Le-Vel has also changed Theresa’s outlook on life. “I’m constantly learning and will never stop learning. I recently became a health & weight management coach. I’m also working on a certification program that will help me become a licensed coach, trainer, and speaker.”

Theresa, her fiancé Robert and her 2 girls, back on top with Le-Vel!

And one of the biggest perks for Theresa is seeing other people succeed and happy with their lives. “Without a shadow of a doubt, Thrive products change lives, this creates an overwhelming drive, it’s mind blowing!”

Theresa says, “Their amazing products are the reason I’m here. I had no interest to get into business until I experienced what the products could do first hand. Then it was like sharing a good book, I couldn’t stop talking about it. People noticed the difference in me and started asking questions. I couldn’t keep it a secret even if I tried!”

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