Seeing Her Way to a Better Future: Alley Meredith’s LIMU Success Story

Alley Meredith didn’t know what her parents were thinking. They had just approached her about a business they thought would be a perfect fit for her life. Alley loved the products they introduced. But why would she be interested in a business? She was busy finishing the grueling final stretch of optometry school along with her husband Winn. They were pursuing their dream of helping people with their vision. Why would she need to start a side business?

But Alley and Winn didn’t realize something was lurking beneath the surface that threatened their dream — massive student debt. And when they graduated, it hit them hard. “Nobody wants hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, and we got double,” says Alley. “It was like having a grey cloud over us every day we got up to work.”

“All you need is to have a few hours a week to really be successful with this business.”

In no time the debt turned their dreams into a nightmare of stress. Alley began working more and more hours at the clinic in order to pay it off. She stopped cooking dinner, having fun, and practically everything else so she could see as many patients as she could. Alley remembers now, “It got to a point where it was depressing. I didn’t get into this profession to work that way.” One night, Alley came home and told Winn, “I can’t do this anymore. There has to be a better way for us to pay back our student debt faster.” Then Alley remembered the LIMU opportunity her parents told her about.

Rewarded for Facing Her Fears 

Alley and Winn Meredith came out of optometry school full of dreams but strapped with debt.

Winn wasn’t sure about the idea at first. He thought they should focus on optometry. So Alley suggested they talk to their financial advisor about LIMU to get his opinion. It turns out he thought it was a great idea. Alley remembers, “He said it was the best thing we could do because it was a home-based business and had unlimited earning potential.”

Armed with the blessing of their financial advisor, Winn and Alley decided to give it a try. They made a goal to reach the BMW level after a couple of months. Alley knew she had to get out of her comfort zone in order to succeed. The hardest part for her was talking to her friends about it. But very quickly, Alley learned there are tremendous rewards for doing things you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Alley remembers, “A lot of the people I shared it with had gone to professional schools for medicine, optometry and dentistry, and a lot of them had student loans they had to pay back later.” Alley discovered LIMU was a great fit for people in that situation. “All you need is to have a few hours a week to really be successful with this business,” she says.

“LIMU has the best tools to help you build your business.”

The business took off. Sure enough, after just a few months, Alley got the call to pick up her BMW. That’s when Winn really got on board and Alley’s life started taking a turn for the better.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Alley Meredith saw an enormous amount of stress lifted from her life after starting a home based business.

Alley found that LIMU was a great fit for someone like her because it worked so well as a side business to her chosen profession. “I work LIMU between patients, because LIMU has the best tools I’ve ever seen in a company to help you build your business. Their process is just really simple,” she told us.

“LIMU has taken away that stress.”

And with LIMU, Alley has put her competitive nature to good use. “I’ve always had something pushing me to learn more, to be a better person than I was the day before. With LIMU, I’m constantly learning something new. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone,” says Alley.

The Merediths continue to have success with LIMU and pay down their student debt. The residual income they get from their LIMU business takes an enormous amount of stress off. It actually took their ten-year plan and made it a five-year plan, and then quickly turned it into a one-year plan. Alley explains, “We bought a house in October of last year. We weren’t supposed to buy a house a year and a half out of school, but LIMU has been a blessing for us financially.”

Seeing Dreams Become Real

Alley and Winn now really live the life of their dreams!

Alley and Winn’s lives have been totally changed. And the stress has turned into determination and optimism about the future. Alley only works three days a week at the clinic now in order to spend more time with Winn and at home. And her dream of really helping people with their eyes is now real. “I can actually get to know my patients now and practice optometry on a more personal level,” she told us.

“LIMU has taken away so much stress. We know LIMU is in the background helping to pay off that debt and we can still live our lives,” Alley says. “I wish I’d listened to my parents four years ago, so I wouldn’t still have this student debt now!”

You can get in touch with Alley at her LIMU website.