Persistence Pays Off for Million Dollar Earner

Paddy McCracken is a survivor in Network Marketing. He went from starting out at the bottom without much success to building a team of over 100 thousand people. His best year saw over $120 Million in sales. Now he has partnered with Modere and achieved their highest rank in just 30 days. There must be a lot to learn from this man. Let’s dig in.

Home Based Buzz: Tell us about your journey from just starting out to becoming a million dollar earner.

Paddy McCracken: I’ve been in the industry for 15 years. The first eight years were nothing close to success. But I was fortunate to learn from some great people that had a lot of success. I’ve only really been with three companies.
I had just dropped out of college when I got started. A friend was trying to recruit my father who owned 33 restaurants. It was my basically my education. I didn’t know much. I moved from a small town in Illinois to Southern California. So, I was thrown into a very competitive space out in California and that is really where I learned about the industry. I learned the industry is real! Still, it was very humbling. But it was those times that really fueled my entrepreneurial spirit. If you find a good company, you can build something of great value and you can feel good about it.


Home Based Buzz: What was the hardest part of those eight years? What kept you going?

Paddy McCracken: It was really tough financially. I really had to hustle. I had to believe. I was living in a beautiful place in Southern California but had no extra income. So there was self-doubt. Can I do this? Am I good enough? What am I doing here? Maybe I should give up. Maybe I should throw in the towel. It always comes back to the mental aspect of it. You have to break through that mental barrier and understand you can do it! You have to keep doing the daily disciplines that allow you to attract the right kind of people.

Home Based Buzz: What was that breakthrough moment?

Paddy McCracken: I definitely experienced a lot of fun in my first business. It was an event driven business.  So there was always a fun aspect to it. But I was just getting older. I had gotten into a car accident where I basically lost vision in my right eye. The airbag had hit my eye. That was the final tipping point. Thank God I had insurance. But I realized that I had to grow up. I couldn’t keep on waiting, wishing and hoping. It was just like ‘I was born for more than this.’


And that is when my second company came into my life. It was back in September 2011. The company was only 20 days old. It had just launched. I really believed in the company and thought it could be my out. So, I got started and it ran! We built one of the largest organizations in existence. I was a slow learner maybe! I just kept on going because I knew that entrepreneurship and being a business owner would allow me to have freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of a better quality of life. It took eight years in the making to get me to that breaking point. I used those eight years of skills that I had learned and I really put it all into that business.

Home Based Buzz: How did you build such a big team?

Paddy McCracken:   Network marketing is never one person. So people always ask how do you build a big team? Well, no one person ever built a big team by themselves. Network marketing is built with small pockets of success. Whether it is that schoolteacher or that stay-at-home mom that gets in and has a huge network.

I’ve always avoided the words like “my team”. Because it’s not mine, it’s ours. Everybody in the organization has their own team. It’s their own network, it’s their own time, it’s their own relationships that created that success.

So you can absolutely do it! It just comes down to finding something that you are passionate about and learning some skills.

I think listening is probably one of the greatest skills. I think listening is what has allowed me to go forward. We all have similar wants and needs but listening to somebody and what they need specifically is important. There’re so many things you learn in this industry.

Home Based Buzz: Do you think anybody can do what you have done?

Paddy McCracken: I believe anyone can do it. Anyone can learn the skills. It just comes down to delayed gratification. And that’s where I think we struggle in our society today. That’s why I was super blessed getting into this industry at an early age. Anyone can promote a product or service that they like and see value in. It just comes down to them doing it over and over and over again. And that builds momentum. It just requires an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

Home Based Buzz: Are there any other mental drawbacks that you learned to overcome?

Paddy McCracken: Fear is obviously what stops people. Fear of failure. Fear of public speaking too. I think that public speaking holds 95% of people back. I remember so many times asking someone to give their testimonial for the first time. They are terrified but then they do it once and when I do that the second or third time you can barely get them to quit talking! Once you do it once or twice, you’ve got it down!
What I’ve learned is that most of our mental blocks truly come from grade school and high school. When we were ridiculed or opposed or made fun of. So much of that fear and that hurt comes from early on. You just have to overcome it. And I think network marketing can be a very good place for people to overcome some of these fears.


And you just become a better person. Personal development changed my life. It made me a better person. A better brother, better son, better leader, a better husband. It allowed me to learn and understand that we all have a lot of similarities but we are also very unique as well. So it just, comes down to knowing that you can do it and that there is a better way out there.

Home Based Buzz:
Talk about your business now and why you chose it?

Paddy McCracken: I was looking for a long-term home. There are some companies out there right now that are going through significant growth but it’s just not long-term growth. So, I used my past experience. You have to not only have hero type products but also a diversity of products. So I started looking around.

And that’s what started steering me in the direction of Modere. People were always telling me about the opportunity until one day I looked at their catalog of products. It was their suite of products that captured my heart. If your company has products that really stand out you’re going to build something of value.

I flew to their home office. I discovered that they own their own warehouse and manufacturing facility. If you look at billion-dollar companies that have not only made it to a billion but kept the billion, it’s a very small list. Those companies own their own manufacturing. They own their own distribution. They own all that.

And it’s mostly online. They’re shifting away from how people see network marketing. People are buying products on their own. They are on their tablets and are having products shipped to their doors. I think we are about three or five years ahead of other companies. The compensation plan actually rewards customers. We went from focusing on team building to focusing on building a large customer business with Modere.

Now, four months in and we did almost half a million within the first month. The second month we did it again. The third month we did 1 million and this month we broke a million! So we’ve got about $3 million as a team with probably 2000 distributors and 15,000 customers. So we are very, very happy and optimistic about the future.


Home Based Buzz: What is your advice to someone who is starting out? How would you encourage them to continue?

Paddy McCracken: I think it’s a beautiful industry. I’ve always believed in it. At the end of the day, for those who are looking for a better way, there’s just not a better educational system out there. I’m a huge proponent of it. You can better your life in every facet. I’m just a better overall person because of what I’ve learned. My eight years of setbacks give me a lot of compassion for those who are just getting started.
You have to embrace the process. The process is what molds you. Hopefully you are using some of those failures and setbacks and successes as motivating factors. If you look at any job, any industry, any profession or any career you have to go through tough times. You have to give yourself time. It’s showing up to the events. If your company has a monthly or yearly event, you need to attend it! If you don’t, then go to a third-party type of training. It is understanding that you have to embrace and love the process. It will make you a better person.



You have to love yourself through the process. You have to understand that those setbacks, discouragements and those no-shows all add up. They are like deposits for a piggy bank. They all are serving you. Whether you were getting a yes or a no, it is still getting you closer to your goal if you just keep going.


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