New Blood Is the Lifeblood of Your Business!

Network Marketing is a business like none other. You can create a new life for yourself with enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication.

It’s a simple, solid idea that works incredibly well. Companies create great products, and dedicated promoters and distributors market them. The industry is so successful that it generates over $35 billion a year in revenue.

Successful promoters know that the heart of the industry is passion. Passion for products, a better lifestyle, and a life of true freedom. But the lifeblood of the industry is bringing new people into your business.

New Reps and New Possibilities

The will always be people who need your product and opportunity. Find them!

Here’s the lowdown: Success doesn’t happen by accident in Network Marketing. It’s the new blood coming in that makes all the difference. You should always look to bring in new promoters. In fact, signing new promoters into your business is the secret to it all and the only job description every distributor has.

Successful LIMU Promoter Andrea Rosser told us, “Not only is the new person great for your team, but it grows excitement for the entire organization.”

Remember, there will always be people who need your product and opportunity.  That means constantly expanding your circle. It’s these people in your warm market and your recruits’ warm markets that will keep the circle growing. This is the focus of Network Marketers who truly succeed.

Overcome Your Fears!

It’s not always easy to think outside the box and look for new people. Eventually, though, finding new recruits will be the most thrilling part of your job as a distributor.

Rosser added some advice on how to make that happen: “I never think of ‘recruiting’ or ‘getting’ or ‘landing’ someone, anything like that. I really feel like we have a gift at LIMU. So it’s more a matter of thinking about who I can give that gift to.”

You will get there by facing your fear of rejection and getting out of your comfort zone. You must be open to new people and learn from your upline, and the most important way to get new blood is plugging into the system of your company. This is the trick that will pay off big time.

Plug Into the System and Use the Tools

Truly successful networkers become obsessed with finding new people to join their business.

Any great Network Marketing company will have a system for success. That system is carefully designed to help you succeed. It’s important to avoid the temptation to go out of the system and do it your own way. You have to plug into it and work it in order to see results.

Rosser says of the value of tools, “My biggest piece of advice for anyone, I don’t care what company or what rank, if it’s day one or day 10,000, definitely use the tools! It makes you the messenger, not the message. And that’s much more powerful.”

Many companies also offer great tools to help as well. We profiled one of those tools in the LIMU Share app, which is a remarkable way to leverage your phone for recruiting. There are other great tools and systems available, including events,  trainings, and team phone calls. These are all indispensable tools for you to expand your circle, hit your stride, and start living the life you previously only dreamed of!

New Blood really IS the lifeblood of your business!