Networker of the Week Kirk Horan Receives Two Huge Awards at Company Conference

Home Based Buzz Networker of the Week Kirk Horan got some big news at the 2017 Ambit Ambition conference this weekend. He received not one but two big awards. Kirk received the Thompson Leadership Award which is given for honesty, kindness and hard work and also the Ambit Choice Award award which is selected by consultants for someone who exemplifies the spirit of teamwork, positive attitude and a passion for the Ambit business.

Kirk said from the stage “Everything has to start somewhere. I had no experience in this industry and I jumped in with both feet my and my back against the wall. I just went to work. I’m very grateful and humble for what we have our hands on. ”

“If people believe in Network Marketing and go for it –  it will work for them!” Kirk Horan

The conference in Dallas celebrated Ambit’s 11 years of success. Ambit made a major announcement that they would soon be having service in Canada. 

Kirk’s story shows how it is possible for anyone to succeed if they have the right opportunity and approach it with professionalism and determination.  As Horan told us “My story is one of many. Everybody has a story. We are surrounded by people who are not only drowning in debt but drowning in negativity.

Network marketing is a part-time business but if you believe in it and you go through the motions of what is required to be successful, your Plan B will replace your plan A. And if people believe that, and go for it, it will work for them!”

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