IDentityUSA launches with 100% digital product designed to combat the growing trend of Identity Theft.

Network Marketing Superstar Peter Jensen talks about the new “Perfect Storm” called IDentityUSA

Peter “PJ” Jensen is a former NFL player, computer software designer, author, and 24 year veteran of the Network Marketing Industry. Having built some of the largest teams in history, he has discovered a new company that he plans on taking to the top… IDentityUSA.

We caught up with him just a week after his wedding (held via Zoom!)

1. PJ, tell us about your new company IDentityUSA…

IDentityUSA (IDUSA) is the #1 fastest growing identity Theft Prevention company is the USA. IDUSA is backed by a 55-year-old insurance company (National Health Corporation) owned by Paul Wood one of America’s great success stories! He brings extreme credibility to the Network Marketing Industry! Our President, Belinda Caylor, says, “The only solution against Identity theft is prevention and that’s what IDUSA can do for every family in America.”

2. How big is the market for these services?

Cyber-crime/Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the world today currently costing the public over three trillion dollars a year and projected to more than double to 6.6 trillion by the end of 2021!! One in every four Americans gets their identity stolen or is compromised EVERY 2 seconds!! Everyone needs this product which makes this “untapped” market such an amazing income opportunity!

A 100% DIGITAL product, 100% FREE to join!

3. Why do you think this is the perfect affiliate opportunity, especially today?

What makes IDUSA program the perfect affiliate opportunity is that is FREE to join and is an ESSENTIAL product that any church, school, college, large company or small business can immediately offer to their members/customers and not only help protect them from Identity Theft as well as generate immediate income for their respective business or organizations. A true win, win for all!!

4. You’ve referred to this opportunity as the “Perfect Storm” what do you mean?

With the world battling COVID-19 there has never been a better time in the history of the world to start & build a home-based business…the economy is upside down and with America forced to stay at home the time is now! Also, take into consideration that it’s FREE to join IDUSA, they pay advanced commissions weekly, offer a 100% digital product that literally every American needs to have, amazing support, training,  proven ownership, and an experienced corporate team…and timing on our side…this all adds up to the “perfect storm!”

To find out more about the company, see the PRESS RELEASE or call P.J. at 239-229-3764