Nerium International Announces Global Wave of Business Growth

Nerium International is riding a wave of positive business growth in Q1 across the globe. “With the addition of Bo Short leading our sales organization and his focus on field training and leadership development, and the strategic introduction of innovative new skincare and wellness products, Nerium International is experiencing explosive growth of new Independent Brand Partners,” said Founder and CEO Jeff Olson.

“Our Nerium Brand Partners are constantly giving their highest efforts and truly embody the Nerium culture to Make People Better. Their willingness to master skills for business success is the driving force behind our ability to raise great global leaders” Nerium Chief Sales Officer, Bo Short

Beyond growth of new Brand Partners, Nerium has also seen growth in its existing Brand Partner base even welcoming a new 4-Star National Marketing Director, which is a top rank in Nerium. “Our new 4-Star National Marketing Director Jenny Song from Nerium Korea is an example of high achievement and determination—without any direct sales experience, she worked over the last few years to help her team succeed and is reaping the rewards of that hard work. We are extremely proud of Jenny as a beacon of light to others as to what is possible,” said Chief Sales Officer Bo Short.

Nerium International’s U.S. and global sales teams are flourishing in markets throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. Nerium reports that Q1 new Brand Partner growth was phenomenal and is trending upward as compared to the previous month. In February, Nerium Australia saw a 90 percent increase, Nerium Mexico a 120 percent increase, and Nerium Colombia a 245 percent increase. In March, Nerium U.S. and Nerium Hong Kong each saw a 73 percent increase, Nerium Japan an 85 percent increase, Nerium Canada a 163 percent increase and Nerium Korea experienced an unprecedented 237 percent increase. Nerium International has also announced its intent to expand in Switzerland to complement its German and Austrian European markets.