Marketing Genius Kevin Latmore Shares His Secrets to Massive Network Marketing Success

Kevin Latmore is an industry legend, a powerhouse who has sold over $150 million of goods and services and helped over 100,000 people in 63 countries get started in business. In just the last 15 years, Kevin went from holding a job at Costco to building an empire – while remaining a laid back, cool guy! Now he coaches and inspires others to have Network Marketing success just like he has.

We talked to him at his home in Tampa, Florida.

Home Based Buzz: First of all, tell us what your keys are to Network Marketing success?

Kevin Latmore: People need to have a passion for what they are doing! If someone has real success with a product, they’re going to have the drive to sell it because they feel the passion!

Kevin Latmore is at home with Network Marketing.
Kevin Latmore Enjoys the Fruits of His Network Marketing Success

You also have to look at compensation plans and company vision. I made a video called Comp Plan University. I got tired of people always saying that “We have the best compensation plan”, “Our company has the best comp plan”. There’s no such thing as the best comp plan! You have to find a compensation plan that best suits your needs and skill set.

It Is Important to Understand What You Are Good at and What You Love Doing!

For example, a party plan may pay you about 30-40% commission on all sales. That’s great. But it only pays you a few levels of group volume. That makes it awesome for people who like to sell and have parties. However, my skill set is more about team building. So I found a compensation plan that rewards me for it. And I’ve built it into a $2 million a month business with a total of 62,000 people. Therefore, it is important to understand what you are good at and what you love doing!

Home Based Buzz: Tell us how you got started with Network Marketing.

Kevin Latmore I was 17 when I was introduced to it. My dad sponsored me and I just loved the numbers. It made so much sense. I saw the leverage, the possibilities from day one. A lot of people see it, but I really saw it!

It was a little difficult being that young. I was selling water filters and all my friends cared about was girls and rap music. And I was like, ‘what about water filters?’!

So I put together a small team of about 10 people and sold a few water filters. And in the process, I learned about the industry. It was my first taste of success on a small scale.

I Knew I Was Destined for More. I Always Had Big Things in Mind

Kevin Latmore on stage.
Kevin Latmore teaches others to have Network Marketing Success.

Then life happened. I ended up with a wife and five kids working at Costco. That’s a lot of mouths to feed on $45,000 a year. I knew I was destined for more. I always had big things in mind.

Home Based Buzz: You were an aspiring rapper and football player?

Kevin Latmore: (Laughs) I always wanted to be big time. Actually, I was a rapper when I was young. My name was BIG TIME K! I also played football from an early age and was drafted when I was 22. Unfortunately, I suffered a career-ending injury before I could get started with the team.

I was always looking to make it big and found a way with Network Marketing. Anyone can!

Home Based Buzz: How did you get out of Costco?

Kevin Latmore I had a defining moment. Our yearly tax form showed the date I was due to retire. I think it was 2037! It was like ‘I have to do this every single day until 2037?’ It felt like a dagger!

While at Costco, I had also started working part-time with another company. Within six months or so, the money I made in my network marketing started getting pretty close to what I was making at Costco, so I walked away. My wife was afraid. Our dental plan, medical and 401(k) was with Costco and she thought we would lose it. But sure enough, it’s been pretty good since that time.

Network Marketing Success Comes the More You Understand the Business

Home Based Buzz: You famously made the highest level in your current company in record time, 60 Days to $1 Million in sales. How did you do it?

Kevin Latmore is a premier Network Marketing coach.

Kevin Latmore People ask me all the time how I do it. I measure everything and plan everything. The more you understand the business, the more you are going to get out of it. I plot everything out so I see it before it happens. How can you have Network Marketing success in real life if you can’t even make it plausible on paper?

Also, I make it about others. The famous quote “help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want” is true!

It’s just like coaching football or any other sport. Players know how to shoot jump shots or throw touchdowns but they still need someone to give them the big vision. I work hard to understand the company so I can give a complete vision that helps people succeed. I loev being a Network Marketing coach.

Home Based Buzz: Kevin, you are a highly sought out MLM consultant. You help small companies and elite networkers with strategies to grow their business big and have Network Marketing success . Is that still exciting for you?

Kevin Latmore I still love to do that but a lot of people are chasing top networkers theses days. I’ve really gotten passionate about taking “ordinary” people and helping them achieve extraordinary results. In fact, I’ve helped over 10,000 people earn over $1000 per month already.

I give a complete vision that helps people succeed. People are busy so you have to make it simple for them. I put it in bite-size pieces and small little tasks. People can contact me here is they are interested.

At the End of the Day, I Want to Change a Person’s Life for the Better

Home Based Buzz: As a premier Network Marketing coach, what kind mistakes do you see people make in their business?

Network Marketing coach Kevin Latmore and his wife.

Kevin Latmore The biggest mistake people make is not having enough patience. People have to stick with it. You should always have at least a one year focus. The most disappointing thing in the industry is when people quit after 30, 60 or 90 days. It’s like what were they hoping to achieve? I always use the example of a baby learning to walk. It takes time and you are bound to stumble on obstacles. But if you remain persistent just like babies do. You will make it!

Also, everybody’s favorite radio station is WIIFM. What’s in It for Me? If you care about others, the rest of it takes care of itself. We are in the people business. If you don’t like people, people won’t like you. It’s not going to work.

Some networkers are recruiting people just to get a bonus. In my case, I understand I’m giving people a gift! I’m trying to change someone’s life! I know it sounds cliché. But that is what is in my heart and that’s what comes out in my words no matter how I say them. At the end of the day, I want to change a person’s life for the better.

That’s it. That’s why I don’t need a suit or a laptop to succeed. I’m just a guy who has something figured out. I know where there is a bunch of buried gold and I look for people to help me dig it up!

Kevin and his wife enjoy their Network Marketing Success.
Kevin and his wife enjoy their Network Marketing Success.

What Network Marketing Was Always Supposed to Be

Home Based Buzz: Kevin, what does the future look like for you?

Kevin Latmore I have given up the crazy building MLMs and found a home with a stable but rapidly growing online shopping club that not only lets me make insane income but lets me bring so many other regular people to financial freedom as well. We have 500 products that people already buy. I call it Costco with a comp plan. This is what network marketing was always supposed to be.

Home Based Buzz: Thanks Kevin, how can people get in touch with you about your services as a Network Marketing coach?

Kevin Latmore: They can get me any time right here!