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How I Make Extra Money Working Only ONE HOUR a Day

It sounds almost ludicrous, doesn’t it? Who can make extra money working only one hour a day? Well, it does happen and it is possible. In fact, many people are doing it. We’re going to help you get started.

All it takes is the right home-based business. These are businesses that you run from the comfort of your home that allow you to work as hard as you want with the possibility to make extra money, even a lot of money. Most of these businesses are structured so that you can put in as little as an hour a day and make enough to impact your life.

The beauty of a home-based business is that you don’t have to go in with an all-or-nothing approach. You can start small and work it around your current job. The key word, however, is ‘work’.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be putting in 30 minutes or 10 hours a day, you have to dedicate yourself to the business and follow the plan. Remember, it’s one hour a day, not a week.

38 million people in the U.S. work part-time from home in Network Marketing.

There are thousands of stories of busy moms, full-time employees, and even busy business owners who make extra money in this industry by just carving out ONE productive hour a day, seven days a week. You can too.

Now you may be asking, “what is this business?”

The Business Model

Billion dollar companies like Amway, Avon, and hundreds of others use Network Marketing and Direct Sales business models to sell products. The concept is companies stop marketing their products with expensive ad campaigns. Instead, they use independent distributors to market products for them. It’s simple. The distributors build teams of people that spread the word about the company’s products. Then, they are paid for their efforts.

Network Marketing, in particular, has proven to be a massively successful marketing model. About 38 million people work at least part-time from home to make extra money using this model.

Consider Clark Snow, a pastor who put in some time each day to work on his LIMU business. According to Snow, “Working with LIMU wasn’t difficult at all, and if you aren’t having fun while doing it, you’re doing it wrong.”

“You can work on it as much as you want and go as fast as you want, that’s up to you.”

Clark started small, and slowly worked his way up the ranks, eventually earning an extra $2,000 dollars a month. He says “You can work on it as much as you want and go as fast as you want, that’s up to you. We work our business from five to seven hours a week, and that’s how we do it.”

Make money working only an hour a week
Pastor Clark Snow Learned How to Make Extra Money Working Only Approximately One Hour a Day.

“We’ve been married for 27 years and Christmas of 2016 was the first Christmas I can remember we didn’t have credit card debt after the holidays, thanks to LIMU. When we hit the 20K rank in six months, my wife was making more money than she’d made working in the school system for 16 years”

You Can Make Extra Money an Working an Hour a Day Too

Without a doubt, part of the magic of Network Marketing is that you can get residual income from your efforts. You do something only once get paid again and again. That’s why you can make extra money working only a few hours a week. All you need to do is be motivated and open-minded enough to try it. You might be the next success story, just like Pastor Snow!

Now’s the time to get started! We’ve seen a lot of different network marketing opportunities out there. You want to do your research and find the one that’s right for you. We’d recommend you look into LIMU. They are a solid and steady company that’s been around a long time with great products and leadership. You can get more information here.