Long-Term Employment Is Dead (And Never Coming Back!)

Times Have Changed

Have you stopped and taken a real look at our world lately?

Enormous shifts in technology are changing the way we live, play and work.

The internet and the technological devices at our fingertips connects us like never before. Entertainment, online shopping anytime, customized boxes delivered automatically each month is great, but this new era of digital technologies brings a HUGE shift in how people EARN income and this opens up massive potential for anyone! The reality is, the old ways of earning a living are quickly on their way to extinction.  Getting a well paying job that you will hang on to for life, that will take care of you the way you take care of them .. forget it! The question is … are you ready to take control of your financial future? Are you ready to take advantage of the tech shift now?  As the saying goes, “Real estate is all about location.” Well, in business it’s all about timing. And the time to engage and take action is now!

Employer/Employee is Dead

It starts with changing the way you think about work.  With the employer- employee paradigm gone.  You have to think of yourself as a business now. You have do what it takes to stay relevant and, prosper in today’s world. Corporate climbing is OUT and entrepreneurship in IN. Incomes are now earned in spare time from airport lounges, a kitchen table or a coffee shop.  Businesses are started and financial security is achieved not by standing in line, waiting for handout but by joining our new connected culture and making it work for you. Everywhere you look, people are supplementing or even replacing their incomes with freelance gigs, online buyer and seller communities, direct selling companies or contract work.

In the last twelve months alone, one-third of U.S. adults have earned their primary income in this new connected economy and two-thirds have created secondary income.  Now, you know you must take part.

The Advantages of Connected Economy:

The Internet allows us to:
– connect to new clients
– promote ourselves and our skills.
– And it gives us access to almost unlimited personal development to learn and enhance the skills needed that are so essential to becoming successful.

Look around and you will see the changes happening.  Today we take Uber instead of cabs, use Paypal instead of banks, book ourselves into Airbnb instead of hotels and get our news from Facebook instead of the evening news.  Netflix made Blockbuster an archaic thing of the past. Tesla is disrupting transportation just as Apple completely changed the way we communicate and connect.

These companies represent the new way of doing business . Along with it comes a new paradigm. That means  replacing the old employee/employer relationship with opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to cash in.  It’s here, it’s moving  fast and it’s the perfect time to join in.  The answer for you is to find a way to plug in and participate.

What is Your Next Step?

Making the leap into this new world can be both exciting and scary.  You might be wondering “how can I fit into this?”  Don’t worry, there’s a great option called Direct Selling, also known as ‘relationship marketing’.  It’s a highly successful way for ANYBODY to participate and break free of the old way of making money.  Relationship marketing is simple.  It provides unique and quality products and most importantly,  a ready-made, proven system for earning income.  So many millions have changed their lives wit this great form of business.  In fact the industry is growing so big, it’s projected to a ___ business by 2020.   That’s bigger than the whole industry!   Timing is key to business success and the timing is now.

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