LegalShield Launches New Product for New Business Owners

Starting a business just got a lot easier. LegalShield has announced “Launch” a service that gives entrepreneurs a tremendous way to start their new business. Getting started with a business usually requires getting expensive legal help. People want either a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Doing Business As (DBA) or even a Corporation. This is usually a tedious and difficult process that LegalShield just made a lot easier. Launch includes a three-month membership to LegalShield as well.

“Launch was designed with the modern entrepreneur in mind, we are currently undergoing a massive cultural shift in employment trends and people are empowered to create the work they want to do anywhere, not just in Silicon Valley.”

LegalShield CEO, Jeff Bell

What this could mean for you is a great home-based business. LegalShield is an awesome opportunity that provides a great service that a lot of people need: legal service. People need legal service from time to time and with LegalShield, they pay only $17.95 a month and get access to attorneys when they need them. They have dedicated lawyers in all 50 states in America and four provinces in Canada. This is a great service that people want because they know they need it. That means income for you when share it with them. It’s products and services that people need like these that makes a great home-based business for you. It can really make a difference in your life. Find a Legal Shield distributor here. Find out more about ‘Launch” here.