Learn How Jeremy and Mindy Deeble Made 8 Figures in Network Marketing

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble have had one of those legendary Network Marketing careers. They’ve built a team with over 100,000 people in 23 countries. They’ve trained on stages all over the world including to audiences of over 20,000 people and have even been judges on Celebrity Apprentice 2 different times. They’ve been featured in Success from Home magazine 8 years in a row and were recently featured in Prosper magazine.  We talked to them from their home in Idaho about the secrets to their success.


Home Based Buzz: You have had a ton of success and helped a lot of people in this industry. Tell us how you got started and some of the secrets to your success.

Mindy: Jeremy and I have been married now for 25 years, and we were introduced to network marketing when we first got married. It was great for us because we learned so much about life.

We learned a huge work ethic, we learned about business ownership and having a whatever-it-takes attitude. And the importance of personal growth. If you have problems, you just have to grow and become bigger than your problems. That was big for us because we got started in traditional business after that.

We actually did really well in traditional business, but the only problem was in our life we either had time or we had money. We never had both at the same time.

Jeremy: Before we got into the industry in our early 20s, we had the typical struggle: we had way more month than we had money. We were struggling financially and it really affected my self-esteem. I thought, “Man, am I an idiot!?”

I would beat myself up. But the industry got us hooked on reading books and listening to trainings. Back then it was tapes, today it’s podcasts or whatever, but the habit of reading every day and putting things in a positive spin was huge to our success.

We implemented that into our lives and even though we didn’t have success from our first venture that transitioned into starting our own traditional business and we had great success there.


Mindy Deeble


I was working as a preschool teacher. Early education is my background but I always had this dream of having that time and money together. And I began to realize residual income was really how to get it.

So we got started with network marketing again. The second time we had a business ownership mentality and we treated our business like it was a multi-million dollar company instead of what it really cost – which was $500! And this is the key to network marketing.

I made a schedule for myself and I stuck to that schedule. Success came when I began to treat this like it was a huge company, like every day I would have to go to an office, every day I would have to spend time to make that business go. So I did that.

Jeremy: I think the biggest thing for people to have success in network marketing is that they need to treat it like a real business. You have to focus. People try to fit network marketing into their lives and what they really have to do is to build their network marketing company and then their life will revolve around it! It’s a completely different mindset. When we did this, our business exploded. We were able to spend more time with our family and we were able to things in life that we had only dreamed of before.

Mindy: Because of our mentality and treating it like a big business we have made millions of dollars over our network marketing careers! Our belief and determination allowed me to walk away from my job and make this a full time career. I believe mentality and hard work and effort paved the way for this success.


Mindy Deeble


Home Based Buzz: Are there any other attitude shifts you learned along the way?

Mindy: I remember going to meetings and seeing people having success and being frustrated. They would say from stage, “When you make the decision to win, that’s when you’re going to win.”

It used to bother me because I would think, “I’ve already made the decision. I’m here!”

But what I realized is that I didn’t make the decision to do whatever it takes, meaning the decision to sacrifice and make this business a priority so that I never had to sacrifice again. I realized I was going to have to miss a few dance recitals, a few football games, a few family parties so that I never had to miss those things again. When I made that decision that I was willing to do whatever it took, that I was going to stick to a schedule so that I could be my own boss someday, that’s when our business exploded!

It was just crazy. I really couldn’t even have dreamt of it until we were there.

Home Based Buzz: What happened after you made that decision? What was your first taste of success?

Mindy: My family thought I was completely crazy when I started. But we started seeing success. We went from a Honda to a BMW. Jeremy bought a Hummer.

I invited my dad to come see us be recognized at an event, and he was so excited for us. Somebody said how much money we had made and my dad looked at me and said, “Why didn’t you tell me this!? You should’ve told me!”

He is somebody I totally respect and love and that was a big moment for me because all the people who thought I was crazy, absolutely were respecting me. That was a big thing I will never forget

Home Based Buzz: Tell us some other important things for people who are getting serious about their network marketing business.

Jeremy: I have my three P’s. You’re going to move your business forward if you do these three things every day.

The first one is pique. How many people do you pique about the opportunity every day?

You do that so you can do the next P: Present. How many people are you presenting to and how many presentations do you have going on every day?

And then how many people are you promoting the next event to?

Pique, Present, Promote.

You focus on how much you are doing those three things every single day, and if you do, you’re going to be doing the things that generate income. Stay focused on that so you don’t get caught up in all the busywork and things that don’t really drive your business forward.


I have a few things I could talk about.  The first is you’ve got to define why you are doing it. That’s the first key to success. You may have defined what you want, but you really have to determine why you want it, and that “why” has to make you cry.

I used to have to be to work at 9 o’clock. But my daughter’s bus came at 8:45. So I had to drop my little baby off at the bus stop and she had to be there for 15 minutes without me waiting for a bus and it used to make me cry almost every single day.

I hated leaving her. It got to a point where I felt like ‘I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not willing to leave my baby there anymore’. It was that moment I made that decision that things started to change.


Jeremy Deeble


The second step is to make a schedule for yourself. Each and every day you should be doing something for you. Every day most people spend hours and hours working on somebody else’s dream. What are you doing for you?

Every day, have that schedule, and at that time, work like you’re a multimillion dollar company. And during that time do the three-P’s that Jeremy talked about.

If you’re not doing those three P’s during that time, you are actually wasting your time and you’re not building a business! Be effective with the time that you made that schedule for.

Then, every day that you implement it, as long as you do that consistently, then you’re going to start having some wins. Some huge wins. And you’re gonna start attracting the right people to you because you attract to you who you are. If you just start focusing on that, your business will explode!

Home Based Buzz: What is your final advice to people who are thinking about trying Network Marketing or who are doing it and want the kind success you have had?

Jeremy: Network Marketing is the wave of the future. Everything is transitioning into direct sales and network marketing. If you’re putting your future in somebody else’s hands, they can cut that future off anytime they want.

You’ve got to be able to control your life and determine how much money you want to make. And direct sales is one of the greatest ways to do it. There’s no overhead, there’s an incredible upside—unlimited upside potential—and there is no liability, no risk outside of your own time and effort. So what do you have to lose!?

Mindy: Most people when they get started in network marketing deep down inside know they are champions, winners. But something inside of them is telling them there is so much more for them than where they are at.

That was me. I knew there was so much more potential for me. I just needed to find it. I just needed to do it. I just needed to make a decision and know and understand my reason why.

That’s the first step. That’s what is going to get you to make that call you were scared to death to make. That is when you go do the things that are scary. That is what is going to get you to not listen to the wrong people and go against the grain and instead do what it takes for your family!