INTERVIEW: Superstar Brent Palmer on the ARIIX LIMU Merger and the Future of the Wellness Industry

Brent Palmer is a superstar in Network Marketing. A former high school football coach, principal, and athletic director, he has already earned millions in the industry from the small town of Florence, AL. However, with this merger that is about to change as he and the company now have an “instant” global opportunity. 

We caught up with Brent and asked for his opinion on the new LIMU/ ARIIX merger, and what it means to the industry, the future of wellness, and how this will impact the network marketing industry.

HBB: Brent, what does this MERGER mean to you?

BRENT: I believe this merger is going to change a lot of lives! At this point, ARIIX is the best-kept secret in the entire home-based industry. A company that is in 22 countries, on 4 continents, on the Inc. 500 and Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies for the past three years, exceeding over 230 million in sales in 2019 and in the United States no one has heard our name – yet! Truly, this merger allows us to be in the right place at the right time.

“The merger has truly brought two giants together.”

HBB: What are the strengths of LIMU? What are the strengths of ARIIX? How will they work together?

BRENT: The strength of LIMU is their strong marketing and branding, the significant difference in their product lines and their easy to use, duplicatable system that allows people who fear selling and recruiting to have success in our industry. LIMU really has created a way, through a smartphone, to introduce and educate future customers and promoters on their opportunity in a quick, easy and nonconfrontational way.
The strength of ARIIX is that they are not a niche company – they are truly a “house of brands”.

They have multiple products across multiple markets, and this allows people to truly redirect their spending into the house of brands that they desire and operate their home-based business without the added expense that is traditionally required in network marketing. And since they have multiple brands, as trends change and the needs of the market evolve, they are never left behind! Another strength of ARIIX is that it is an extremely cash-rich company that is growing at an exponential rate in other countries but where I live in the United States, no one knows our name.

The merger has truly brought two giants together – a company that is growing at a rapid rate around the world with extensive premium product lines and – a company that is proven in the United States market place for bringing great products to the market with the industry’s #1 proven, duplicatable system to help new distributors launch their businesses successfully.

HBB: How BIG is the WELLNESS marketplace in your opinion?

BRENT : The wellness market is worth several trillion dollars and with our house of brands we tap into the entire wellness industry. Vitamins, supplements, clean air and water, essential oils and personal care – we have it all!

HBB: Why is NOW the perfect time to get involved?

BRENT: ARIIX has had record growth, year over year for the last eight years around the globe. With the merger with LIMU, they have now brought a duplicatable system to their distributors and to the United States. We are the best-kept secret in the industry, but the word is getting out! ARIIX products along with LIMU’s products, marketing AND system is going to create a rocket ship ride over the next 12 to 24 months! It truly is the right place at the right time.

“If you’ve never heard of the name ARIIX, you could be the first in your area.”

ARIIX is a company that has a global footprint, offices in over 13 countries, expanding every single month, consistently bringing new brands into their house of brands, and ownership with over 100 year’s experience building successful companies in our industry. Odds are, if you’ve never heard of the name ARIIX, you could be the first in your area, and that is a great spot to be in!

To contact Brent Palmer, you can reach him at:
Phone: 256-762-6281
Email: [email protected]