Interview: Industry Veteran Matt Morrow Toasts the Direct Cellars Opportunity

Matt Morrow knows network marketing.  He is a top 200 all time industry earner whose 27 years experience has made him an expert in direct selling and not having a “real” job. You’re going to love what Matt has to say if you are one of those people who, like him, feel they are not “employable”! Matt is now with Direct Cellars, an outstanding new home based business opportunity with one of the world’s best pitches: Drink Wine Free!

Home Based Buzz: Matt, what led you to Direct Cellars Opportunity?

Matt Morrow Explains How to Make Money and Have Fun With the Direct Cellars Opportunity.
Matt Morrow is excited about Direct Cellars

Matt Morrow: I was with another company that met its tragic demise so I was in the unfortunate position of having to look for something else. I couldn’t get excited about another nutrition deal or another skin care deal. It just wasn’t me. Then my wife saw a little blurb about Direct Cellars on Facebook and said “This looks like a wine MLM” and I said “That sounds interesting!”. I just watched a two minute video and from the minute I watched that video, I immediately said what almost everyone says; this is a no-brainer!

I already drink wine. I already love wine. Why not have a wine auto ship and get paid for it? So I started looking into the company and thought the name was a phenomenal play on words, Direct Cellars with a C. It was just a great concept.

“Network marketing is always about culture and Direct Cellars has an amazing culture and a premier product. It’s a breath of fresh air.” 

Home Based Buzz: Obviously, Direct Cellar’s product is different from many other opportunities out there. How has that made a difference for you?

Matt Morrow: I started noticing right away that people were interested in wine. Everyone already drinks it. The product works every time. It’s not like you have to be on it for six months.

Matt Morrow Is Having Massive Success With Direct Cellars
Enjoying Success With the Direct Cellars Business

I decided I was going to host a wine tasting party. I invited 15 people over to my house and 25 people came.  That made me stand up and take notice right away. Historically, when you invite 15 people to an event about 7 show up. With a wine tasting party, people ask if they can bring a friend and so forth. So it’s the easiest business to invite people into that I’ve ever seen in my life.

The wine comes in a nice box so it’s like getting a gift in the mail. It’s not difficult to drink one bottle of wine per week. Everybody could do that. Two of our top 10 money earners don’t even drink alcohol but it’s easy for them to give away a bottle of wine a week to friends or as a gift at a party. Plus, all people have to do is refer three people and they get their wine free!

We have a great network of wine tasting events that we host all over the country. You get invited to phenomenal parties. We had a party in Vegas with Better Than Ezra that had 20 wine tasting stations. There were people from the general public who paid money to come to our launch event! When does that happen in network marketing?! The general public was buying tickets to come to an opportunity event!

“Direct Cellars is a legit business people can be proud to talk about.” 

They didn’t realize that it was an opportunity event because it was just 20 wine tasting stations and a rock ‘n’ roll band and a bunch of cool people enjoying wine. But that’s what the company is about. Network marketing is always about culture and Direct Cellars has an amazing culture and a premier product. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Home Based Buzz: Have you seen people come into the Direct Cellars without network marketing experience and succeed?

Matt Morrow Explains the Direct Cellars Opportunity
Matt Morrow with Direct Cellars

Matt Morrow: Direct Cellars is one of those companies that is bringing in a whole new crowd of people into the industry. It’s something that people can be proud to talk about. I can’t tell you how many people I met at our convention that had never been in the industry before. They give you a look like “I never really liked network marketing before.” But this is wine. This is a no-brainer. Direct Cellars is a legit, fun opportunity. I really believe that we have something special and unique here.

People learn about wine. It’s a cool part of our culture. How to taste it, how to enjoy it, how to pair wine with food and it’s fun! It’s like real adjunct to their social life and people love it. So we have all sorts of people coming in and having success.

“People need to take their network marketing opportunity as seriously as they take their dream job.”

Home Based Buzz: What is your advice for first timers in Direct Cellars or any other network marketing opportunity?

Matt Morrow: My advice to someone who is getting into this industry would be to treat it like a real business. And to take it seriously and to have a reasonable horizon whereby they expect success.

Treat network marketing like you treat getting a new job. You get up early and dress sharp and get to the office early when you get a new job. You work hard. People need to take their network marketing opportunity as seriously as they take their dream job.

The biggest thing is that people just need to get out and do it! They need to talk to people. They need to practice until they get good at it. And when you start getting good at it, you start to get confidence. When you start to get confidence people will respond to you because people want to follow someone who is confident. People want to follow someone who is going somewhere. So you have to become that person before you become massively successful.

“It’s unbelievable to get paid to do for a living what most people do on their dream vacations. That’s what the Direct Cellars opportunity is all about!”

Home Based Buzz:  What’s next for you and your Direct Cellars business?

Make Money with Direct Cellars
Direct Cellars Is a Great Business for People Network Marketing

Matt Morrow: Direct Cellars just started their international expansion so we are opening up in England. So I’m going to be making trips over to England. I love to travel. My wife just retired so we basically have complete and utter freedom. Our plan is to travel the world and do wine tastings all over the planet!

There are wineries in so many countries. The next 3 to 5 years are going to be good times with good friends traveling around the world to cool places and drinking wine and sharing how people can get paid to drink wine. Sharing with people how they can just refer 3 friends to the most fun wine club in the world and get free wine. It’s unbelievable to be able to get paid to do for a living what most people do on their dream vacations and that’s what Direct Cellars is all about!

Home Based Buzz: Sounds incredible.  How can people get in touch with you?

Matt Morrow:  Easy.  Just contact me at and or call me direct at: 1-949-916-1698!