If Your Network Marketing Business Isn’t Fun, Something’s Wrong

A good home-based business can be a lot of things. It can be a great way to get out of debt, stay at home with kids and to be in business with your partner. But there’s one thing that it has to be to be a really good home-based business … FUN! If it’s not, something’s wrong!

The Fun Factor

It’s a great signal that tells you if your business, or the one you’re looking at, is worth your time. Are you having fun? Are the people around you fun?

Work for most people is a drag. People work because they have to work. They’re constantly looking forward to Friday. It’s no fun! A good home-based business turns that on its head. These businesses are designed to be fun. They’re designed to be social and something you like doing. That’s their real secret.

That’s why so many Network Marketing companies present their products at parties and get-togethers. It’s also why they have great conventions and reward trips. Because it’s about making work fun. It’s really true. Living a life with more freedom and earning extra money should also be really fun! There are examples everywhere.

“everybody’s happy and excited to be there” Andrea Rosser, LIMU

One company that takes fun to a new level is LIMU. They call their presentations “LIMU Experience parties”. These are low key, no-pressure events that can take place anywhere.  The emphasis is definitely on fun first.

Experience the Fun

LIMU Experience parties are not a hard sell with people dressed up in suit jackets. Instead, they’re filled with laid-back people sharing their stories and having fun.

LIMU Promoter Andrea Rosser told us, ” I can go to Experience parties and have a great time. There’s music and product tastings, and everybody’s happy and excited to be there. It’s always a really fun get-together.”

But it’s not just the parties. Andrea expressed how fun her entire LIMU Experience is, ” Everything in LIMU is fun. Our events are called LIMU Live. They’re a huge party with lots of people, prizes given away for the best LIMU Experience stories, and everyone there comes away inspired and excited.”

And Andrea also enjoys the travel she does building her LIMU business. She told us “I started a new LIMU team in Ohio and when I went to visit them, I was like a little girl. I was so happy, sending videos of my new business partners to my kids and my husband. I was having so much fun being there for the very first time.”

The Joy of the Journey

Importantly, not only is Andrea having fun, but the business has totally changed her life. She’s no longer in debt and spending hours away from her family. She’s more confident than ever, finally in control of her life and she’s having FUN doing it. And there are so many people out there enjoying the same results.

Home-based businesses are not all easy.  You do have to work and put some time in. But the fantastic thing about a good home-based business is not just what it can do for you, but how fulfilling the journey is all along the way. Not only can it take you out of the grind of a boring and stressful job you don’t like, bring you closer to your family and help you get control of your finances, it’s a whole lot of fun getting there!

You can get in touch with Andrea at her LIMU website.