How Home Based Businesses Disrupt Retail

Direct sales is experiencing explosive growth due to millennials’ embrace of social media


If you are a mom at home, or young and single and looking for a great way to make money, direct selling is a better way than ever to be successful. We have many stories of women who have not only turned their bank accounts around with a home-based business but have also turn their lives around -the way they feel about themselves, the way they look at life, not to mention the sisterhood the encounter with fellow entrepreneurs.

Business News Network of Canada has an article about why the timing is so good. They speak with the CEO of Peekaboo Beans Traci Costa. They are a home-based business that retails children’s clothes. Because so many of us are online, she says “it’s a very, very powerful model model, especially with the way the world is changing, Jobs been lost and people having to really take charge of their own employment, women are not going to stop having children and things like daycare costs are exorbitant. The women who have joined Peekaboo Beans can really do well in direct sales.”

You reach 300 people within an hour of joining the company

Costa says “It’s very gratifying to be involved in a business that provides opportunities for women, promotes a healthy lifestyle for children and gathers momentum every day.”

For those interested in Peekaboo Beans, you can see their website here. There are still only in Canada though. Plans for United States expansion are in the works. To see our article on our homebase businesses were click here.