Hitting it Out of the Park: Chase Porch’s LIMU Success Story

Chase Porch had a lot going on before LIMU came into his life. The former pro baseball player owned a pool building business that he worked at from morning to night.

“I was probably doing some of the hardest labor you can do when it comes to construction,” he says.

Tired of missing out on time with his family, Chase decided to cut back on work in order to enjoy his life and that all-too important quality time more. But the bills kept coming in and weren’t an easy hurdle to get over. His wife is a caretaker for their three daughters and her sister with Down Syndrome, making her income earning abilities somewhat limited. So Chase took a second job that put him right back in that overworked place with no work-life balance.

A Chance Encounter Brings a New Opportunity

Before LIMU, non-stop work took Chase Porch away from his beloved family.

Then, about 5 months ago, LIMU leader Brent Palmer told him about the company. At first, Chase was skeptical. He didn’t want to be rude, so he listened. It quickly began sinking in that Brent was able to have the lifestyle he lived because of LIMU. Chase’s reservations started to disappear, and he joined on the spot.


On his way home, well before he’d even gotten his Fast Track Pack, he started making calls and sharing LIMU. By the time his drive was done, he had signed up his first 3 Promoters and made a $1000 bonus from a special promotion. With that early win and his own natural motivation and drive, Chase started working LIMU hard and loving it.

“It kind of became like an addiction for me,” he explains.

He loved the team mindset that LIMU brought back into his life, and was extremely responsive to and thrived under Brent’s “coaching” style of leadership. Within 50 days, Chase was BMW qualified.

Helping Others Makes It Even More Worthwhile

The LIMU business opportunity has brightened up the life of Chase and Jordan Porch!

Along the way, he’s helped many people get some hope back in their lives tanks to LIMU. One of the ones he holds dearest is a longtime good friend who Chase says was in “zombie mode” before LIMU.

“He worked at a factory and he felt like his purpose was more in life,” Chase explains.

With Chase and the team’s help, that friend joined and got BMW-qualified in a little over a month. He now has a totally new outlook that’s immediately recognizable.

That ability to do something impactful for others is a big part of what Chase loves about LIMU.

“I’m helping people, while I’m helping myself. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to do that with LIMU,” Chase says.

That might be why he also says the most difficult aspect of his LIMU experience is having people in his downline give up if they don’t reach their goals quickly. He sees people quitting when they meet with initial resistance or have trouble signing up their first few Promoters. He sometimes wonders whether he could’ve done more to show them that if they just put in the time and work, and have patience, the LIMU system works.


“If you stay involved in the business and don’t quit, I guarantee you, it’ll pay off,” he says, and he tries to get that across to everyone he brings on board.

Extra Income with Lots of Potential

LIMU isn’t Chase’s full-time gig just yet, but the extra income it provides is enormously valuable. In fact, his LIMU earnings actually surpassed his pool business earnings one month, when the latter was slow due to frequent rain.

Chase Porch is on the rise with LIMU, and it takes just a few hours a day.

Even with a full-time job, Chase has learned to seamlessly fit LIMU into his life by holding short and to-the-point LIMU Experience parties after he gets home. The Porches have it dialed in: on days when a party is planned, Chase comes home and showers, while his family helps get everything ready and set up. The parties now take just 45 minutes to an hour, and are therefore extremely doable for both the Porch family and Chase’s prospects.

As he’s gotten more involved with LIMU, the biggest difference he’s noticed between it and a traditional career — even as a business owner — is that the financial output and success he has with LIMU is directly related to how much he puts into it. At a traditional job, working a few extra hours a day wouldn’t really move the needle much. But putting an extra hour or two of his day into LIMU does yield visible results, ones he wouldn’t have otherwise.

“You know, if I worked from daylight til midnight two or three nights in a row, it would help just a little bit. Not enough,” Chase explains. “With LIMU, for once, if I work hard at it, then I really do get paid more.”

And Chase isn’t the only benefiting from the LIMU lifestyle and journey — it’s been an all-around boon for the whole family. His wife just recently went shopping for herself for the first time in what seemed like ages. His sister-in-law loves LIMU and finds joy and purpose in it for herself as well. And his daughters get to enjoy more time with their less-stressed dad.