Her Decision to Join Youngevity Was Truly Life Changing

What would you do if you woke up every day in pain, not knowing if today will be your last? It’s not everyday you get a second chance at life but when Caryl Parsons woke up one day at 588 pounds, she knew she was facing a literal life or death situation.

“I was a very small person in my early 20’s, and I found myself about 36 months ago stepping on the scale and I weighed 588 pounds!” Caryl explained. “My wedding gown is a size 2 if that gives you any point of reference. I’m a small person inside and everything in my world is delicious.”

She continued, saying, “A person who is 5’4” who is supposed to be a tiny person who is rolling almost 600 pounds over to get out of bed, it hurts. It hurts every single time. Before my feet hit the ground, there were four or five Advil in my body.”

Caryl didn’t want to continue down the road she was on knowing what a life of obesity would look like. She has a restaurant with her husband Dan and it was time to make a change if she was going to live to be with him for many more years.


What are Friends For?

Caryl at 588 pounds

Caryl ran into one of her longtime friends one morning in Oklahoma City. Seeing what Caryl’s day to day reality was like, her friend told her about the Youngevity products she’d been using and how they might help her situation.

“She locked eyes with me and it was truly a kismet deal. She said, ‘sit down!’ So for the first time after all these years of being friends with her I actually listened to what was being said to me. And, you know, it was a paradigm shifting moment. I really had that ‘aha’ moment. And I handed her my credit card and said let’s go.”



Caryl found the products changed not only what the scale said but how she felt physically and mentally. Youngevity’s foundation is built on the concept of getting 90 essential nutrients into your body every day, and as Caryl says, “True health and wellness is only possible if it comes from a solid, fundamentally sound center. So, if you don’t have that, you’re in trouble.”

“I just feel that every man, woman, and child needs that 90 essential nutrients just to survive. It makes perfect sense. Also, Dr. Wallach feels like you have to have wellness in your spirit, you have to be a happy person, that lends itself to your overall health as well,” she says.

Caryl’s success is incredible, with her to date weight lost at an astounding 352 pounds! She was so blown away by her own success that she just had to share it with others.


The good times are just starting for Caryl and Dan

Turning Her Passion in to a Business

Being the go-getter that she is, Caryl decided that she had to spread the Youngevity mission to everyone because of her incredible results. When did she start seeing success? “When I made car qualified. I made that in about 30 days ‘cause I got busy!

”The people behind this company are what Caryl really values. “These are some of the finest people I’ve ever met. They are truthful, they are kind, their hearts are for others, they want others to see you do well.”

Once having been a skeptic herself, Caryl is a full-fledged believer in Youngevity’s relationship marketing. She explains how the basic concept works: “We are simply taking the product from the manufacturer straight to the consumer. Without all the advertising, without having to take up all the shelf space, we’re cutting out that middleman and basically becoming that. We are becoming a wholesaler to the client.”


Having once been on the other side of the equation, she knows that at first glance it might look a little strange. “I can understand why people are skeptical about network marketing because honestly, we don’t know what we don’t know do we? When people don’t know something they automatically want to think it’s not a good thing,” she said. But Caryl’s story is living proof that taking a leap of faith can be the best decision in one’s lifetime.


If Caryl Can Do It, Why Can’t You Too?

Being successful is about evaluating your current situation and wanting to make a change. It’s about trusting that the unknown isn’t scary; rather it can provide some of the biggest and most impactful opportunities that life can offer.

Caryl found her light at the end of the tunnel with Youngevity. She embraced an entirely new way of living and is reaping rewards at every turn. “It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had. This is a barrel of fun. I get to meet new people every day I get to talk about what I’m a passion about.”

What’s her ultimate secret for success? “It has to be your authentic best, your authentic self, every time. You have to be having fun, it has to be duplicatable, it has to be easy, and you can’t be a horse and pony show or any smoke and mirrors.”


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