He Was Stuck in a Dead End Routine With No Way Out … Until This Happened


Success in life is all about getting out of the box, taking risks and most of all following your instincts. We have seen it time and time again with successful home-based business owners. They don’t truly succeed until they make the decision to break out of their routines and really commit to success. Elías Valentin is one of these stories.

Elías was training to be an accountant in Puerto Rico, taking the safe steps which looked like they would lead to a safe, ordinary life. Yet he knew he wanted more.

“Deep inside, I knew I was not pursuing my true dream”

“I always dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur and living a life full of freedom — a life that included travelling anywhere in the world, whenever I wanted. Everyone told me I was heading toward a successful accounting career. My feelings told me I was studying something that I was not passionate about. Deep inside, I knew I was not pursuing my true dream. I felt like an eagle that was meant to fly and to soar high above and yet I was locked in a cage.”




Then by chance Elías was introduced to Organo. He and his brother attended an opportunity meeting and he was immediately attracted to its products and formula for success.

“I felt that Organo offered me the business opportunity of a lifetime and it was right in front of me. However, in my mind, there were barriers: I had no experience with developing any kind of business, I had no influence, I did not have a database with business contacts, I did not possess the skills of an entrepreneur nor the money to invest in a business. But I also knew that I had a big DREAM. I looked for and found the money to start my Organo business and I purchased a Gold Pack. This purchase would turn out to be the best decision of my life.”

Success did not come easy at first. Entrepreneurs who really make it big almost always see a crisis of confidence in their journey. For Elías it came in from of his peers.

“My friends and relatives told me that I was crazy if I thought I was going to get rich ‘with that coffee business’. I was still in college and became the joke of all my friends. My business was stalling and I put it to the side and I continued with my studies. Without realizing it, I had let my environment steal my dream.”


As always, it was the decision to take action that made the difference. Elías decided to attend the Organo International Convention.  It was there that he had a defining moment that changed his business forever.

“I discovered that my true “why’ in life … only at that moment, did everything come together”

“I saw Mr. José Ardón sharing his story about his humble beginnings and the transformation to his current earning power with his Organo business.  That became a defining moment in my life. At that very moment I made the decision that no matter how long it took me, I would dedicate myself to becoming a highly recognized entrepreneur within Organo. I swore to myself that even if it took the rest of my life, I would not rest until I showed the world all that is possible for someone determined to succeed. From that moment on, I discovered that my true “why’ in life was to inspire other people to truly pursue their dreams. Only at that moment, did everything come together to create my own success story.”

Elias returned to Puerto Rico after the convention with a new determination. He applied what he learned there and qualified for the rank of Sapphire within four months.


“I did not let any obstacles stop my momentum; I was only focused on the goal. By this point, I knew in my heart that that I would achieve an outstanding and rewarding objective!” Since reaching Sapphire and moving forward, everything has been an adventure. All that I have been able to experience with this great company has been incredible – travel, freedom of time, money and, above all and most importantly for me, the leadership and business skills I have acquired and can bring to others.  I see endless possibility – I see myself traveling the world inspiring other people with my story and it feels great.”

You see many key elements of home-based business success in Elías Valentín’s story: following your dreams, following your instincts, finding the right mentors to take you through the tough times, taking action, working through your fears and obstacles. Great things can happen when you do it.  Congratulations Elias. You’re a true home based success story!


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