Hard-working Immigrant’s Life is Changed by Network Marketing: Hector Salgado’s LIMU Success Story

Things were far from rosy when Hector Salgado first came to the US from Mexico almost 2 decades ago. The martial arts master had spent years training in Taekwondo and even gained a spot on the Mexican national team in the Sydney Olympics. Unfortunately, he suffered a torn meniscus and ligament in his knee that ended his Olympic dreams. Out of options in his homeland, Hector took a massive risk and moved to the States.  

“I didn’t have money and I had to do something about my knee. My only choice was to come to the U.S. and get a better opportunity,” he tells us.

Hector spent years working hard in restaurants, learning all he could. He was able to get the much-needed surgery to repair his knee but the Olympic dreams were over. He set his sights on entrepreneurship. First, he incorporated his passion for martial arts by opening a Taekwondo studio. Several months later, he opened a restaurant. His equally ambitious wife — a hair stylist — opened her own salon.

“We were asking God every night for an opportunity to spend more time with my family.”

They were doing well, but the cost to their family life was hefty, and their stress levels were too high.

“We were working a lot every single day. With five kids, we had to also be parents,” Hector recalls. “Exhaustion set in. . . We were asking God every night for an opportunity to spend more time with our family, to get an extra income.”

A Different Opportunity

Then, about 3 years ago, Hector met a LIMU Promoter at a Taekwondo tournament in Puerto Rico. The man gave Hector a view of the LIMU experience and encouraged him to start his own journey.

Hector tried the beverages and saw benefits right away. He also aspired to the financial freedom the Promoter was enjoying with LIMU. His wife was skeptical. She knew he was overworked already and had no time for the family. Luckily, she also tried the LIMU drinks herself and saw some reduction in her chronic neck pain, which brought her on board and motivated her to take the LIMU journey with him.

The Salgados started by sharing LIMU with everyone they knew: family, friends, coworkers. Hector used his long commute to make calls and introduce others to LIMU.

Within a month, he’d reached the BMW-qualifying 20K milestone. And in 6 months’ time, he’d made it to 100K.

“In network marketing, you can have clients from all over the world. There’s no limit.”

“We were blessed,” Hector says.

They let go of his wife’s hair salon once they were financially stable. They were able to spend more quality time with their children and each other thanks to LIMU.

Ups and Downs

Success is never a straight rocket ride to the top. Hector saw his numbers drop after a few years, from 120K per month down to about 2K or 3K.

Never a quitter, Hector found a renewed sense of purpose to continue his destiny with the company. He stayed in the game with LIMU realizing the impact it had made on himself and his family.

“We started working in Mexico and it was amazing,” Hector tells us about sharing LIMU with folks in his native land.

Better than Traditional Business

Hector and his family continue to work hard and thrive with LIMU. Network marketing makes sense to Hector. It’s a business opportunity even for those who can’t invest a great deal of money upfront, because of the low cost of entry. Here’s how he describes the difference:

“In order to be successful in a traditional business, you have to invest a lot more money. A lot of hours of physical work. There’s stress, co-workers and employees,” he explains, adding that the number of customers is limited to your location “In network marketing, you can have clients from all over the world. There’s no limit.”

LIMU has made many of the Salgados’ dreams come true.

That’s not all Hector loves about his LIMU experience. He doesn’t have to chase clients for payment or worry about shipping products. The company takes care of all the logistics. And LIMU’s proven system is straightforward and easy. All Hector has to do is share something that changed his life, and inspire others to change theirs.

Hector likes the personal development aspect of LIMU, too. He feels like he’s always moving to the next level, getting better and better at his business. And while there have been ups and downs, LIMU is nowhere near as stressful as the work Hector used to do.

LIMU has made many of the Salgados’ dreams come true. Hector is all about spreading that far and wide, bringing other people whose lives could use a boost into the fold.

“I came from Mexico looking for an opportunity, now I am the one who gives opportunities to other people!”


You can get in touch with Hector at his LIMU website.