From Sick and Stressed to Incredibly Blessed: Betsy Waters’ LIMU Success Story

Hurting, in More Ways than One

“I was at a point of desperation and hopelessness. I thought there was no way that things could get better,” Betsy Waters recalls. That was her life before LIMU.

The pastor’s wife had been struggling with health issues for close to 2 decades. She’d tried just about everything she came across, even taking a job at a health food store in order to get discounts on the products, but had gotten nowhere.


On top of that, her family’s finances were hurting. As people dedicated to the nonprofit life and serving their community, they were just barely getting by. There were months when there just wasn’t enough money and even scraping together enough for groceries was a challenge. Betsy was earning just $600 a month teaching Pre-K and she was sharing a car with her two teenage sons. They had a washing machine but no dryer, so she was hauling her family’s wet clothes to the laundromat every week.

Life was hard and she prayed for a change, for something more.

A Trusted Friend and Science-Backed Solution

Then, in early 2014, she came across a Facebook post where one of her trusted friends was holding a LIMU ORIGINAL bottle. Intrigued, Betsy started looking into LIMU and reading the stories of people it had helped, and researching the many scientific studies on the benefits of the LIMU extract.

“I’d searched everything under the sun to get some improvement in my health,” she admits. “So I did research on LIMU ORIGINAL and I was so impressed with the results people were getting.”

Encouraged by the third-party scientific information she found on LIMU — research that’s still one of her favorite aspects of the products and company to this day — Betsy asked her friend, Tammy, for her Promoter ID and began drinking the products and sharing the lifestyle with others. She started to feel small changes almost immediately.

Four months after setting off on her LIMU journey, she experienced a breakthrough in her health. It’s also when she reached the 20K rank, qualifying for a BMW paid for by LIMU.


“So, in 4 months I went from sharing my car keys with our two teenage boys to driving a BMW and having a house payment covered,” she tells us. “To me it was amazing to have that transformation in only 4 months.”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Real Difference

Since then, Betsy has seen many other perks and rewards from working LIMU. At the 50K rank she qualified for a cruise that gave her family the opportunity to travel for the first time in a very long time. She’s since reached the 200K milestone as well, in part due to her great team of Promoters, a reality she found amazing and unexpected.

“I was raised with that concept of teamwork making the dream work. But honestly, I never saw it as a real thing until I joined LIMU,” Betsy admits.

Betsy was no stranger to Network Marketing before LIMU. Her mother had been very successful with Amway, and Betsy remembers their family always receiving tons of packages of products to distribute, which would be a hassle. She’s happy that LIMU is different in that there’s no inventory to deal with, nothing to receive, sell or ship.


Instead, she says, tools like the LIMU Share app and the personal website give Promoters everything they need to share the lifestyle and stories of LIMU’s life-changing potential with others. And that ability to bring others on board and see their lives improve is exactly what drives Betsy and keeps her invigorated.

“There’s so much hope I get to share with others, that there’s a better way to do things. You can keep working from 9 to 5, or you can really take control over your own future and be your own boss. You can choose to work your own hours, weave LIMU into your life any way you want,” she says.


Some of Betsy’s most gratifying moments have been seeing old friends reach important milestones with LIMU. She loves their transformations, watching them regain hope, getting to a point where their car and house payments are covered, maintaining better health and being able to enjoy life more on their own terms.

On a personal level, Betsy’s success all goes back to her family.

“Our biggest success is having both of our boys in college debt-free thanks to LIMU,” she tells us. “That is the biggest reward.”

Fighting Fear with Hope and Community

When it comes to those on the fence about starting the LIMU Experience, Betsy understands the fear that might be holding them back. She encourages people to work to combat that fear, to really do some personal development in that regard, as she knows how tough it can be to take a risk. And she reminds them just how supportive and empowering the LIMU community is, and how much of a difference LIMU has made in the lives of so many.

“LIMU is a vehicle of hope and it’s an opportunity for dreams to come true,“ she says. And everyone from the corporate leadership on down is committed to spreading LIMU’s success to every corner of the company. “They really want people to transform their lives, and I am living proof that it can happen.”

You can get in touch with Betsy at her LIMU website.