From Overworked to Overjoyed: Alisha Lee’s LIMU Success Story

LIMU came into Alisha Lee’s life just after the birth of her third child. The timing couldn’t have been better. The Lees had used up their savings during Alisha’s maternity leave, and their financial situation was worsening. They were happy with their jobs, but the money just wasn’t keeping them afloat.

“We love what we do,” Alisha tells us. She’s an occupational therapist and her husband, Shane, is a high school principal. “But we were running out of money every month. We were depending on credit cards for emergencies.”

With no real opportunity to climb higher in their careers, the Lees had to take on part-time work on top of their regular jobs. Alisha put in extra hours of OT work and Shane had a lawn care business. But it was exhausting. It kept them away from the family, and that extra work still wasn’t getting them what they needed.

A Different Path

When Alisha’s best friend Jennifer first told her about LIMU, Alisha was interested but skeptical. She was afraid she didn’t have the type of personality that could thrive in Network Marketing. Alisha always considered herself naturally shy and reserved. She told Jennifer, “I’m not talking to strangers, knocking on doors, throwing parties …”

Overcoming shyness and difficulty speaking in public was a major hurdle for Alisha.

But Jennifer assured Alisha she’d be supported every step of the way, that they would do it as a team. Alisha trusted her and was encouraged by her energy and enthusiasm. When she and Shane talked it through, he said, “We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s give LIMU a shot.”

Alisha Lee LIMU
Alisha Lee’s LIMU Success Proves You Don’t Have to Be Outgoing to Change Your Life With a Home-based Business.

Alisha hit the ground running and soon realized LIMU was different. It was just what she needed. LIMU fit right into Alisha’s daily life, unlike other side hustles that would’ve eaten up even more time she didn’t have. She could share it with fellow parents at her kids’ sporting events, talk about it over coffee with friends as they caught up between errands, even just send videos and stay in touch with prospects via her smartphone.

Overcoming her shyness and difficulty speaking in public was a major hurdle for Alisha. She remembers taking the stage with LIMU executives at an event. She was so nervous that the microphone shook uncontrollably in her hand. But she was authentic and honest in that moment. She inspired the audience to realize that if she could break through her barriers, they could too. The more she shared her story, the more encouragement and support she received. And soon, the more she saw how she was impacting the lives of so many others.

Not Just Money

Alisha hit her first major milestone — 20K — in 100 days.

“We were making enough income to cover our mortgage,” she recalls. “I could stop working after hours, so reaching the 20K level was the biggest game changer.”

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence, so my roles as a wife and a mother are better.” 

Two years after her LIMU journey began, Alisha reached the 100K rank. Not only was the $10,000 bonus great, it was extra special because she got there by helping her team, her friends, reach their own 20K milestones.

Alisha Lee LIMU
Alisha Lee Was Transformed by the Entrepreneurship Opportunity and Supportive Community at LIMU.

LIMU allows the Lees to live comfortably while saving for retirement and not missing out on time with their kids. But it’s changed more than Alisha’s finances … it’s also changed her on a more personal level.

“I am an entrepreneur and I can now speak comfortably in public,” she says. The positive effects go beyond work. Alisha’s life has improved in other unexpected ways. “I’ve gained a lot of confidence, so my roles as a wife and a mother are better.”

She’s especially happy that she’s also inspiring and motivating her kids to go for what they want, by being a great example for them and showing them they can overcome fears and obstacles.

Steady and Sustainable Income

Now seven years into her LIMU experience, Alisha has seen firsthand the long-term steady residual income the lifestyle offers. Unlike other products that people might buy once or even a few times, LIMU’s nutritional drinks fuel a lifestyle that customers maintain for years, even decades. Whenever one of her customers re-orders, or customers of those in her downline do, Alisha reaps the benefits of that sustained income.

“I didn’t expect the level of constant support and teamwork of the LIMU community.” 

And unlike less organized or less supportive Network Marketing companies that may be around for a couple of years, then dry up, LIMU is proven to have staying power. She can count on the company to continue to grow and give her support while sharing her story and bringing others into the fold.

She thinks back with surprise at the fact that she didn’t pursue LIMU sooner than she did. It seems funny now that she was ever nervous to begin with, knowing how straightforward and simple LIMU is.

“I didn’t have any prior experience, but I honestly didn’t expect the level of constant support I got, the very real support and teamwork of the community of LIMU people who are looking for the same thing,” Alisha says. ”With LIMU, success is inevitable.”

You can get in touch with Alisha at her LIMU website.

Alisha Lee LIMU!
Alisha Lee’s Family Went From Overworked to in-control With LIMU!