Dedicated to a Great Product: Desiree Schomer’s LIMU Success Story

An Easy Life-Changing Decision

Desiree Schomer was working full-time and going to school for a degree in Mining Technology, having recently lost her father, when LIMU entered her life. Her journey started when her friend Kristal got her to try one of the unique beverages.

“I literally loved the taste of it,” Desiree recalls.

So she started attending Kristal’s LIMU Experience parties and learning about the products, the company, and its simple business process. When it came time to decide whether to join LIMU herself, it was an easy choice for Desiree, despite all she had going on already.


“I knew I liked the product and I knew it made me feel good, so I was sure it was going to help other people too,” she says. “I didn’t have any doubts that I could do this. I just went right in and started sharing with people.”

Spreading the Word Came Easily

She introduced people she already knew to LIMU, but also took the opportunity to meet and talk to new people whenever she traveled for work or other reasons. She always finds it easy to talk about the LIMU lifestyle because she lives it, loves it, and believes in it firmly. She even recalls once sharing LIMU with her son’s friends, in his garage, by drawing out the business plan in pink chalk on the ground.

“You really can share LIMU anywhere,” she says.

Another thing that’s made it easy for Desiree and other LIMU Promoters to get the word out and connect with prospects is the LIMU Share App. She’s able to share information quickly, without having to do much more than text a few videos and messages. And she can see who’s viewing the videos she sends out, and gauge who’s showing interest, so she doesn’t waste her time and energy on folks who aren’t yet ready to join LIMU.

“All you have to do is send them the videos, and get them on a 3-way-call or invite them to a LIMU Experience party,” she explains. And the ability to see how people are responding helps her get the job done. ”You can track everything with the app, which makes the prospecting process efficient and simple.”


Desiree’s enthusiasm and hard work paid off when she hit the 20K rank not long after joining LIMU. That milestone was the real test for her, she remembers. She’d set her mind on doing it and told herself that would be the way to determine whether Network Marketing with LIMU was doable for her or not. When she reached that goal, she knew LIMU was something that she could run with and that she could succeed with. Since then, she’s hit the 50K rank and continues to move toward even higher levels.

More than Just Financial Gains

The extra money from LIMU has been great for Desiree. But she’s also seen some strong personal growth in herself.

“Thanks to LIMU, I’m learning to step up a little more, to be a better communicator,” she says. Even though that growth and knowledge can sometimes be uncomfortable, Desiree is committed to stretching beyond the limits she thought she had. “Sometimes you have to learn how to lead. I also like to sit and be quiet and watch; because if you’re quiet and watch, you can learn even more.”

Desiree loves so many things about LIMU — from the product, to what it’s done for her life, to what it’s taught her about herself — and that absolutely includes all of the positive people and strong leaders she’s met within the company. She loves their willingness to help and bring others into the fold, as well as their commitment to bringing out the best in one another and helping each other “be more”. And what’s ultimately most inspiring is their positivity.


“No matter where you go to a LIMU event, it’s always very positive. All the people are positive and focused on helping others succeed,” she tells us. She relishes being in that atmosphere, surrounded by that energy.

And it’s exactly what she shares with others as well. She’s not just motivated by the lifestyle she leads or the benefits she gets from LIMU. Desiree loves helping other people find the same for themselves. That’s what drew her to LIMU once she realized how amazing it was, and that’s what continues to drive every day of her journey.

“I want to lead people to have a better life,” she says. And she knows that she is part of a supportive community of like-minded LIMU entrepreneurs, who are equally invested in making a difference in people’s lives. “We’re all here to help you to earn your money back, and to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. That’s what the LIMU Experience is all about.”

You can get in touch with Desiree at her LIMU website.