How the Decision to Stay at Home Brought a Mother of Two Lifelong Success

Lisa Cox wanted to spend more time with her daughters. The California native found herself paying a nanny to do things she wanted to be doing. And it became endlessly frustrating.

“I was working in real estate and had two little girls,” Lisa told us from her home in Springfield, Missouri. “I wanted to stay home with them.”

“As our girls got older, they both became tennis players. I wanted to be sitting on the side of that court.”

She finally decided the days of missing important moments and scrambling to make it to sporting events were over. It was time to become a stay-at-home-mom. But when she actually became “a home-based mom,” as she puts it, she felt something was missing.

“I’m very competitive, and I think that a lot of people, mothers and men that work or stay at home with their children don’t feel very recognized.”

Lisa missed the rush and fulfillment of a sales job as well as using her abilities to rise to the top. Therefore, she went on the lookout for something she could do from home.

A Chance Possibility

“For me, I was thinking that if I found something that could allow me to set my own goals and work to achieve them, I would be an even happier and better mom at home.”

Luckily enough, that opportunity would come to her in form of a jewelry party held by a friend.

“I went to my friend’s jewelry party to support her, she was one of my best friends, and I soon realized that it was something I could do too.”Fascinated by this new possibility, Lisa dove right in. At first, her ambitions were modest. She could devote a few days a week, earn some extra money and “maybe get some recognition” for a job well done. “And then it would push me forward and I would have success at it,” she says.

She was certainly right about that.

Following Your Belief 

It turns out that the direct-selling industry completely transformed Lisa’s life. Her competitive spirit, immense talent for team-building and knack for partnering with the right people made her an undisputed success in the industry. She now works with Modere, a health and beauty products company based in Springville, Utah, where she has been since January.

She has instantly become one of Modere’s superstars, rising to the top of the compensation plan in just a few months.

As she continues her rise in the new company, what does she have to say to anybody else looking to follow in her footsteps and try their hand in the industry?

“I applaud them!” She says. “They should go out there and find a product they love and that aligns with their beliefs.”

It’s All About the Journey

Lisa says a little bit of searching is to be expected by anyone looking to achieve home-based freedom. She has worked for two different companies over the past 18 years and Modere is her third.

“Sometimes you have to kiss a couple frogs to find a prince,” she says.

“So for me, that’s what I’ve done. And I have had wonderful experiences in all of my businesses, but I  now feel like I’m aligned with something that’s exactly the way I want to live my life.”

Lisa grew up in a health-conscious family in Southern California with a mother who always stressed the importance of a holistic, healthy life. Modere fits in perfectly with that philosophy.

“Definitely look for a product that excites you,” she says. With the company’s unique formulation of liquid collagen, and its all-natural, step-by-step approach to weight loss with its M3 system, Lisa can go “all-in” talking about its products.

And once you find that perfect product and a team you can believe in, then “you have to believe in yourself and magical things will start to happen.”

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