Couples Build Better Lives Together with Network Marketing

Today’s married couples face a number of challenges. For instance, it’s hard finding time for one another, especially when both are scraping by working multiple jobs. Add in stressors, like caring for kids, and the result is often that spouses are spread thin and taken away from the thing they love most: being together.

Many spouses are finding that Network Marketing is the perfect solution to their concerns. A home-based business allows you to improve the problem-solving and teamwork skills strong marriages require. It also gives you the opportunity to experience success together and shape lifestyles you want to enjoy. Maybe that’s why Network Marketing has become such a popular business.

Back on the Same Team

Take Ann and Brent Palmer. They were educators at the same school until Brent had to change jobs as part of a better paying career track. They missed the dynamic of working together and saw little financial benefit from their sacrifice. Then they joined LIMU. “What we lost when I left coaching high school football, we regained doing LIMU together as a family,” Brent told us. “It gave us our team back.” And it took something else away: their financial woes.

The Palmers aren’t alone in their LIMU experience. Justin and Kristina Martin, Karen and Carlos Crespo, and many others found success taking the LIMU journey together. With Network Marketing, spouses can meet both individual and joint goals. As they secure solid futures for their families, they also enjoy personal wins and growth as business owners. Supporting amazing products and sharing inspiring stories only makes their social circle stronger. They accomplish more because neither one of them is doing it alone.

Tips for Success

The best relationships — business and otherwise — are built on mutual trust, understanding, support, and respect. Trusting your teammates and dividing the work based on each person’s strengths and abilities is especially important for network marketers.

For spouses to thrive with LIMU, they must learn to rely on and complement each other’s strengths. There are tasks one person does better than the other, and each person has individual strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to be aware of these so that the partners can use their skills where they’re most needed.

In addition to respecting each other’s unique roles and contributions to the business, Network Marketing expert and coach Ray Higdon advises couples to reward themselves for hitting goals with shared experiences (a mini-vacation, for instance). He also suggests carving out quality time that isn’t about the business. “Just because you can talk about business all the time doesn’t mean you should,” he says. “Schedule date nights where the phones get left in the car or are only available for emergencies … talk about ideas for future vacations, fun things to do for family or friends, TV shows, anything but business.”

For couples who do enter into a business opportunity together, it could be just the thing to put new energy into the relationship and the rewards could be beyond what you can imagine!