Charges Dismissed Against doTERRA in Young Living Trial

(from press release)

doTERRA, the world’s leading essential oils company, is pleased to announce that after five years of defending baseless allegations brought by Young Living, all charges against doTERRA and its defendants have been dismissed. A jury found no merit in Young Living’s allegations and rejected Young Living’s claims for damages.

“We are pleased and grateful that the official court record now reflects the true genesis story of doTERRA—one of integrity, rectitude and hope,” said Dave Stirling, founding executive, chairman and CEO of doTERRA. “We are vindicated and look forward to moving past this baseless lawsuit and continuing our mission of sharing the purest essential oils with the world. We hope that Young Living will now move forward with its own business challenges and stop wasting resources on frivolous matters.”

The Young Living trial against doTERRA commenced on May 22, 2017 in the Fourth Judicial Court in Provo, Utah with Judge Christine Johnson presiding. Before the trial even began, all claims against doTERRA as a company and many defendants had previously been dismissed. Only four individual defendants remained: David Stirling, Emily Wright, Justin Harrison and Lil Shepherd. The only issue remaining at the trial were 13 total allegations that one or more of these defendants breached their respective non-solicitation clauses. All of these allegations have now been dismissed.

“Today, we are gratified that an objective judge and jurors found that doTERRA had not done anything wrong and accordingly awarded no damages,” said Emily Wright, founding executive and head of sales and marketing at doTERRA. “We look forward to a bright future at doTERRA.”