Beautycounter Ceo’s Quest for ‘Better Beauty’ Makes for a Great Home Based Business

Beautycounter is a great direct sales business opportunity. The market for nontoxic beauty products is massive. They started in Canada but have been in the United States since 2013 making them a new player with lots of room to grow. This makes them a great place to try a home based business.

Their founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew embarked on a mission to create safe beauty products.  She discovered many of the chemicals used in ordinary products can lead to serious health issues. has a interview with Ms. Renfrew where she speaks about her mission.

I think there is a need for safer ingredients and ingredient integrity. Beautycounter is known for being the leader in both high-performing and significantly safer products.

Our customer is someone who is ageless. She can be young. She can be old. She is passionate about … using great products and being part of significant change.

Beautycounter Founder and CEO,Gregg Renfrew

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