Are You a Network Marketer Looking to Understand the Business of Instagram Marketing?

Social Brand School Is the Perfect Place to Become To Become a Social Media Marketing Expert

Do you understand the power of personal branding? Julie Cabezas and Samantha Loomis’s Social Brand School will help you develop a personal brand that will revolutionize your network marketing business in just six weeks. Julie and Samantha are two smart, savvy women who have made a career helping entrepreneurs build successful personal brands.

Their special online course called Social Brand School shows network marketers how to use Instagram to transform their business. Multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing, and Instagram advertising fit together like a glove. All you need is the right system to understand social media best practices. So, whose life are they going to change next? It could be yours!

Wondering how to make money on Instagram? Read the interview below to find out more!

Home Based Buzz: Why is personal branding on social media important?

Julie: A personal brand defines what you represent to the world. Social media, especially Instagram, is about really standing out, telling your story, creating connections and having conversations, which is exactly what network marketing is about. Knowing your personal brand helps you tell your story in a way that makes people want to listen. People see you as a fascinating person and not just a salesperson. But, above all, the number one objective of creating a personal brand is to generate income.

Samantha: It’s great to be on social media for fun, but everything changes when you put a brand to it. It suddenly becomes a powerful tool that fits in perfectly with network marketing.

Home Based Buzz: Why does social media branding work so well in direct selling/network marketing?

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Julie Cabezas, Chief Engineer + Executive Producer Social Brand School

Samantha: The biggest challenge we find with network marketing distributors is that they don’t know how to reach a target market online once they get through people they know in real life, like friends and family. People don’t have 40 hours a week just to implement online marketing.

We have found a personal brand on Instagram is the best social media strategy for meeting lots of new people in a short period of time. Instagram has 700,000,000 monthly active users. Having a brand there creates a huge opportunity to form relationships with a wide audience. And because network marketing and Instagram are both about creating relationships, the partnering is natural, not forced.

We’re also finding people are often using Instagram to purposefully seek out things to buy. They’re shopping on Instagram all the time. Facebook is like a closed door. You can’t communicate with people you don’t know. But Instagram is the opposite. People are there to follow businesses, celebrities, and personal brands. Having a personal brand makes you look professional and gives your audience interesting content they’re going to want to follow. Once you establish a personal brand, you’re one step closer to making money online.

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Samantha Loomis, Creative Director + PR Powerhouse Social Brand School

Julie: On top of that, a personal brand really grounds you in the industry. A big fear in network marketing is that it will all go away in the blink of an eye. People often worry that they’ll wake up one day and their company will have changed direction, or worse, disappeared completely—or even that they will want to move to a different company. Their fear is this volatility will discredit them or make them look “flaky.”

Creating a personal brand makes your message bigger than one specific company. It allows for a change in direction, like moving into new products or services while keeping the same audience, because a personal brand is about your overall message and not just about a specific product or company you represent.

Home Based Buzz: How do I even begin to create a personal brand?

Samantha: Lots of people are intimidated when they hear “personal brand”. They don’t realize they naturally have a brand when really, it’s right there in front of them. They simply need the right tools to find it, which is why we created a special Social Brand School course to help. Social Brand School is a simple, step-by-step way for people to discover their personal brand, based on a unique process we created called “Brand DNA.”

Julie: Brand DNA is a process that helps you describe who you are, what you value, and what you’re passionate about. It teaches you to tie all those important pieces together to create a personal brand. It gives you confidence in marketing your business online, which helps you leverage MLM opportunities.

Home Based Buzz: Can social media marketing work for people with no Instagram experience?

Julie: Learning how to grow Instagram followers is the easy part. Social Brand School teaches you that in depth. But,  creating a personal brand is the part that you want to focus on. And, as we’ve said, there’s really nothing to invent! You already have all these different identities—a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend. Your brand is just the polished version of how you already represent yourself in the world.

how to develop a personal brand for network marketingIt’s like putting effort into a stunning look from your closet for that important event, instead of showing up in your pajamas. That outfit is like your personal brand. We are just helping you polish it up and use Instagram to show you off to the world.

We have had many past participants who didn’t know anything about Instagram for network marketing. Then one day, they started our Brand DNA process and in many cases, transformed themselves into successful social media influencers. They are adding promoters through Instagram using the engagement techniques that we teach.

Samantha: We have people come in who feel that they are the least creative person in the whole world. After they learn our techniques, they grow to understand exactly what their brand is supposed to look like. Then they can let that creativity shine right through with bold, imaginative, and true-to-self content. We teach them how to create that, too. After that, it’s just a matter of having fun!

Also, it’s not about having a huge amount of followers. People get too intimidated comparing themselves to other accounts with lots of followers. It’s not that. It’s how much influence you have with your audience. If you have six hundred followers and a personal brand, you can make an amazing impact on your business.

Home Based Buzz: What else do people misunderstand about your Brand DNA process and Social Brand School?

social media best practices, network marketing businessSamantha: It’s just not hard and they can really grow as people. We’re sort of like an online lead generation tool. We teach real, concrete actions for meeting new people, creating relationships, and finding MLM opportunities. This grows your online business income. It’s like the network marketing company provides the vehicle and we’re providing a door to the new era of “social networking.” It’s cool and exciting for me to see people saying, “wow, now that I have a personal brand and know how to use Instagram, I have an unlimited opportunity to make my business grow!

Julie: And that’s truly our favorite part of this whole process. We get to see people growing naturally into themselves and their businesses. It feels so good!

HBB: Thanks, Samantha and Julie. We are very excited about what you are doing for the industry!

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