An Unexpected Passion: Jo Mitchell’s LIMU Success Story

“It’s so rewarding!”

That’s what 50K LIMU Promoter Jo Mitchell says over and over again when you ask her about the company and her experience.

Jo joined LIMU 5 years ago when her son — a pharmacist — told her about the beverages and their benefits. She didn’t know anything about Network Marketing, but decided she’d try it and see how it went. Her husband had his doubts, thinking it was a waste of time. But Jo easily found a few friends to do LIMU with her, and she was off and running.


“When I started with LIMU, everything happened very fast,” she recalls. In fact, once Jo got rolling, she just kept going, reaching the 20K milestone in just 54 days.

Jo Mitchell Was Shocked at How Profoundly LIMU Allowed Her to Help Other People

Before LIMU came into her life, Jo and her husband were getting by alright financially. They owned a fishing resort and restaurant, and were able to pay all their bills at the end of the month. But luxuries weren’t within their budget; those things had to be put on a credit card and paid off later. They also weren’t able to do as much for their grandkids as they would’ve liked, especially the children of the daughter they’d lost to cancer.

LIMU removed those limitations and enabled Jo to give her grandchildren things they needed and wanted, including vacations and other wonderful experiences, without having to worry.

“With LIMU we can do these extra things with our kids and grandkids without putting them on our credit cards,” she says. “That is amazing.”

All About the People

Jo loves being able to share the benefits of the LIMU lifestyle with others. She loves being part of their journeys to improve their lives — whether that means coming out of deep debt, being able to live without worrying about how they’ll stretch their traditional income to pay their mortgage, or the empowerment and confidence they get from taking charge of their own destinies.


“You get paid for helping other people,” she says. That’s what drives her. “Helping other people get their checks makes LIMU real.”

LIMU Promoter Jo Mitchell Fell Into the Business and Was Surprised at How Much She Loved It

The supportive and giving philosophy Jo works from is the standard she’s found throughout the company. Unlike other Networking Marketing companies that she’s heard of, LIMU delivers on its promises, and everyone she’s met within the company is dedicated to growing their downline, whatever support that requires.

In fact, Jo remembers when she was struggling and team members from her upline would make the drive from Alabama to her small Arkansas town to help her host a LIMU Experience party. Not only did that help Jo hit the 50K rank, but it solidified for her just what a great company LIMU is, and the quality of its heartfelt leadership.

“Our support team is amazing,” she says. “They showed me the process and everything I needed to do and say to be successful. I didn’t know anything about Network Marketing before LIMU, and our leaders explained it all to me. We have amazing leaders who are always willing to come and help.”

Inspired to Inspire

Since starting with LIMU, Jo has been that inspiring and supportive rock for many others. Her team is far and wide, even including a Canadian member whom she’d never met before. He saw a Facebook post that sparked his interest in LIMU and joined her team. She credits the great tools LIMU makes available to its Promoters, like the LIMU Share app and interest-generator videos, for extending her reach beyond just those who can attend local Experience parties or live nearby.


For Jo and others she’s worked with, LIMU is much more than a way to earn extra income and struggle less. Feeling stuck and not knowing how to get out of a financial rut takes a toll on more than just bank accounts; it impacts people’s confidence and overall happiness. That’s why getting out of one’s comfort zone with LIMU can do wonders for people’s mindsets and overall happiness.

LIMU Took Jo Mitchell Places She Never Dreamed She Would Be

“LIMU helps you to believe more in yourself, to dream bigger, to build a better life,” she tells us.

Jo works LIMU part time and still remains very involved with her family business. But the life changing LIMU lifestyle is always top of mind, invigorating her.

“I absolutely love LIMU. It’s my passion,” she admits. “I think about LIMU every day; I drink LIMU every day. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You can get in touch with Jo at her LIMU website.