An Unexpected Opportunity to Be More: Amanda Cassidy’s LIMU Story

A Surprise Difference-Maker

“I was a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling 3 children and working part-time from home. I wasn’t looking for anything extra to do,” Amanda Cassidy recalls about the time before LIMU entered her life.

Still, she’d undergone multiple knee surgeries and still had some chronic problems. That’s why her sister introduced her to the LIMU products. Amanda was happy to try something new for her issues. She quickly fell in love with the beverages and how they made her feel. Then, she saw her sister’s success and became interested in the business side of things.

Amanda grew up in an entrepreneurial family and wasn’t new to Network Marketing. But she saw right away that LIMU was unique. She was impressed by the simple way their process was laid out. The support system and tools for growing her business were at her fingertips. She also loved that LIMU paid Promoters every week. It was a solid and stable company that had been around for over a decade, which really impressed her.


So, she got in, joined with a Fast Track Pack, followed the prescribed path and started seeing results right away.

Fast, Sustained Growth and Community

“I went 2K VIP in 4 days, just by sharing it with my friends and family,” Amanda says. “Using the free tools the company provided for us, I was able to create this incredible growth faster than I ever expected. Within 63 days, I went 20K and qualified for my BMW. Then about 3 months after that I reached the 50K rank.”

Her fast success doesn’t mean she didn’t face challenges at the beginning and throughout or have some ups and downs. One hurdle was living in rural Wyoming, which Amanda jokes, “has more animals than people”. Still, she didn’t look at this as a hindrance, but as an opportunity to step up and do things that others wouldn’t be willing to do in pursuit of their goals.

Amanda has continued to grow both personally and professionally with LIMU. She’s identified even more aspects of it that make it stand out from the crowd of Network Marketing companies. One of the biggest things that makes a difference for her is LIMU’s team-oriented mindset.


“We really work as a team unit, which is one of the things I really love about LIMU,” she explains. “This isn’t about people working alone. It’s about working with people who’ve already been successful in finding a better way.”

The social aspects of LIMU have also been hugely important to Amanda. LIMU has helped her create a thriving community of like-minded, motivated, positive people. One of her favorite memories is hosting a 100-person Thanksgiving feast LIMU party in her garage, surrounded by the kind of energy that makes LIMU so special to her.

Thinking Beyond Your Own Network and Being Teachable

Amanda has a great deal of wisdom to share for people starting a LIMU journey of their own. For instance, she’s quick to remind people that Network Marketing isn’t totally dependent on just their own personal networks, but it’s more about reaching the people who are connected to those people they already know.

“That’s the beauty of Network Marketing. It’s like social media,” she explains. “Someone might not know you very well, but they know your friend, so it’s kind of like a snowball effect.”

She also cites being teachable as a big advantage, especially because LIMU’s process is straightforward and designed for success.


“The people willing to link arms with someone else, those who follow the proven system and process the company has created, experience great growth,” she says.

The Freedom to Do and Be More

The Cassidys weren’t struggling or deep in debt before LIMU, but the extra income was more than welcome. With 3 teenagers who will all soon be college-aged, Amanda is using the LIMU opportunity to build savings, fund vacations, and to just enjoy life more. Among the highlights she’s recently been able to give her family is a 10-day trip to Disney World.

Best of all, she’s able to do it all on her own terms.

“Not only does LIMU give me time freedom, it also lets me spend more of that time with my family,” she says of the flexibility that’s built into a LIMU business. “I’m in control of my own time to build my business, and I decide how much time and effort I’ll put in to create an extra income flow that allows us to do so many of the things we love to do! LIMU is an amazing opportunity that can help every family that’s looking for financial help.”

You can get in touch with Amanda at her LIMU website.