A Jack-of-all-Trades Finds His Niche: Jim Clark’s LIMU Success Story

Many Jobs, Few Lasting Opportunities

Jim Clark Has Done It All but He Really Found a Home With LIMU

Jim Clark has worked many jobs, in a wide variety of fields, having been everything from an auctioneer to a flooring business owner to a rancher. Though he’d slowed down some over the years, the 55-year-old was still traveling a lot for work as recently as last year. He wasn’t looking for something different until an injury and the hospital stay that followed stopped him in his tracks. That’s when things were finally put into stark perspective. 

“Yeah, I realized that I got nothing,” he recalls what went through his mind as he healed from his broken ribs. “I really didn’t have anything to fall back on. I thought, ‘I need to make some moves. I need to do something, because I can’t be on the road all the time. And I’m not putting anything away for retirement.’”


Around that time, Jim happened on a Facebook video of Brent Palmer’s and the two connected. At first, Jim didn’t give LIMU much serious consideration, but Brent didn’t give up on him. Instead, Brent continued to respectfully talk to Jim about the LIMU lifestyle, without being pushy. Eventually, impressed by the genuine interest Brent took in him and the unique nature of the LIMU Experience, Jim decided to give it a shot for himself.  

Giving Something New a Chance

“What he was selling was very different,” he says. “He was selling inspiration, a very real opportunity. It wasn’t really even about the product, which was kind of cool. I mean, at the end of the day, nobody really wants to sell a product. What he was selling was a true partnership, a better way.”


Jim Clark Next to His LIMU BMW

As a former business owner, Jim was used to doing a lot on his own without a huge support network in place. LIMU was different. He didn’t have to deal with advertising, hiring, the responsibility of making payroll, and inventory, and so many other things that LIMU’s corporate arm seamlessly takes care of. But it did have a substantial network to help him succeed, and that’s made all the difference.

Although he lives in a very small town, Jim has been able to consistently find and bring new Promoters onto his team. He qualified for the BMW-earning 20K rank just 3 months after he started his LIMU journey. That — and his experience of the company having his back, supporting and bolstering him when he needed it — truly solidified for him the value and possibilities LIMU offers. Plus, he still gets a thrill every time he gets behind the wheel of that BMW.

“I never saw myself in a Beemer, so it’s a huge accomplishment,” Jim says. “And it’s reassurance that LIMU is the real deal.”

Getting Better and Better

Jim’s growth has been slow and steady. Early on, he admits, he didn’t do things in the best way. He wasn’t following or duplicating the LIMU system exactly. One of the things Jim didn’t feel he did enough of was nurture his downline team of Promoters. He also tried to do everything via phone and shied away from LIMU Experience parties, partly because he did live in such a small town. He quickly found that trying to do it his way, overcomplicating it, made things harder than they had to be, and especially difficult for prospects to duplicate.


LIMU Isn’t Just a Business – It’s a Family of Friends and Supporters Working Together to Improve Lives

He’s since realized that the LIMU model works for a reason, and now truly understands and lives the “power of the party”. He recognizes that those parties are opportunities for the kinds of personal connections and exchanges that don’t work nearly aswell over the phone. At a LIMU Experience party, he’s able to share his energy with others and see who is and isn’t ready for his message. It lets him figure out who to pursue and who to back off from, so that he doesn’t waste his time or get thought of as a nuisance by his friends and acquaintances.

“They’re feeling your energy, your passion. As our CEO says, they can hear your music. At a party, you can tell when someone’s locked on,” he explains. “It’s a heck of a lot easier than working the phones. And it’s just plain fun!”

LIMU’s brought both the hope of a brighter future and the reality of a stable present back into Jim’s life. It’s also brought back his natural positivity and has allowed him more time to spend with his loved ones. All that comes from something that, while not always easy and definitely still work, is pretty simple.

“All I’m really doing is sharing my LIMU story and our amazing products, and making extra income to boot,” Jim says. “And if this isn’t the American dream, I don’t know what is.”

You can get in touch with Jim at his LIMU website.