A Blossoming Social Life and Renewed Sense of Purpose: Beth and John Parker’s LIMU Journey

Social Slump and Understandable Skepticism

Beth and John Parker We’re Looking to Expand Their Social Circle After Spending Years on a Farm

Beth and John Parker were stuck in a rut socially, as well as in other areas of their lives, before joining LIMU in November 2018. They had spent a decade living on a farm, secluded from most people other than each other. Then, five years ago, they decided to build a house closer to Oxford, Mississippi, in order to take advantage of the community and all of the happenings the city had to offer. But reconnecting with old friends and re-entering the community proved more difficult than they’d expected. Their daily lives were stagnant and unfulfilling.

It was kind of a real-life Groundhog Day where we’d get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and repeat that every single day. Social interaction was pretty limited. We’d come home and we would sit on the porch or the couch and didn’t really expand our circle,” Beth says.


When a friend first told Beth about LIMU, her initial answer was “No”. Neither she nor John had ever done Network Marketing before, or really believed it was a viable way to make money. Beth, an educator, grew up with a very traditional take on earning income: you work a daily nine-to-five and actively earn every dollar. John had been involved in construction for years, which had its ups and downs depending on the market, so for the past eight years his main source of stable income had been from his job at an ammunition plant.

But when their friend introduced Beth to Brent Palmer, things shifted. Beth joined, but was still unsure she could do anything with LIMU or that it could truly do anything for her.

“I had buyer’s remorse right after I joined,” she admits. “I didn’t sleep for three days, had a knot in my stomach, and was thinking, ‘I have just thrown my money away’.”

Starting Strong and Hitting Snags

She decided to at least try to make back the initial money she’d spent, so she started calling people who had expressed a desire for more financial freedom, more opportunities in their lives. Within a week, she had gotten three people on board.

The Group of Promoters and Friends They Met at LIMU Gave Beth and John a New Energy

John had no interest at first but agreed to go and meet Brent and other LIMU folks to show Beth his support. He was pleasantly surprised at the connection he felt with Brent’s coaching style, and how little pressure there was to make a purchase. He was impressed and inspired by the stories he heard, so he joined LIMU as well, bringing his first three Promoters on board not long after.


The couple was riding high on those early out-of-the-gate wins, having yet to experience any of the natural and expected ebb and flow and occasional obstacles. When their momentum stalled and they hit a wall, unable to sign up folks as quickly as they’d started off doing, they worried they were doing something wrong. But instead of quitting, they got on the phone with their upline friend and Brent Palmer, both of whom assured the Parkers they weren’t doing anything wrong and they just needed to keep at it and be patient. Armed with some new strategies and a pep talk from Brent, they started working LIMU even harder.

“We devoted all of our time away from our regular jobs to just making connections, and presenting the LIMU experience we had,” Beth says. “Our LIMU business has just taken off from there.”

Hopes Fulfilled and Lives Improved

As they’d hoped, LIMU has helped the Parkers reconnect with old friends and expand their social circles to include new ones.

Life Is More Fun and Challenging Than Ever for Beth Parker!

“LIMU’s brought many many friends back into our lives. Not all of them signed up, but at least we’re all back to talking. If it hadn’t been for LIMU, that wouldn’t have happened. LIMU gives us a great way to reach out,” John says.

“We now have a purpose, a reason to be present in places we haven’t been in ten or fifteen years,” Beth adds.

As part of their growing success, Beth and John continue to face down challenges on their LIMU journey. They’re both somewhat reserved and introverted people, so talking about LIMU isn’t always easy. For John, speaking in front of groups is most difficult, while Beth sometimes still finds the one-on-one conversations nerve-wracking due to her shyness. But the encouragement and support of their LIMU family has made a huge difference. Having those who’ve been in their shoes before believe in and bolster them is a massive boost to their confidence. And thanks to her first-hand success with LIMU, Beth’s views about earning income in an untraditional way have expanded, too.

“Yes, the traditional way of making money is still around, but there are other creative opportunities to make money as well,” she hopes people on the fence about LIMU recognize.


The LIMU lifestyle isn’t just improving Beth and John’s financial and social lives. It’s made them more health conscious, and they’ve noticed some positive results from drinking the LIMU products. Most importantly, the ability to help others has been fulfilling and rewarding for their souls.

“One of the biggest benefits we get is when you help some people that you know are financially struggling,” John tells us. “When you see that person who really needs LIMU … when you see LIMU help their lives, their family and their kids, that feeling runs deeper than anything. Paying it forward truly gives us a powerful purpose.”

You can get in touch with Beth and John at their LIMU website.